Draft report concerning new crimes of Larisa prosecutors, charges against Vasiliki Thanou to follow

Mad dash to get the new evidence in on time to charge Areios Pagos President Vasiliki Thanou officially for her role in the continuing cover up of crimes of Larisa court and in such a way as to set me up for a potentially lethal penalty. She retires officially on Friday, June 30th.  I want to see her held to account for her actions even if it takes years together with all the other prosecutors and judges and Orthodox clergy who have joined in with Alexis Tsipras and George Soros to silence a journalist investigating matters in the public interest.

First, my complaint about the latest suppression of evidence by deputy appeals prosecutor Konstantinos Gorgos pretending to conduct a regular transfer of my corruption case to an external prosecutor to be translated into Greek and handed in.

Delighted, frankly, that the gang under Tsipras has offered me yet more proof of their criminality and their ongoing threat to me.

Absolutely delighted to have finally fingered Thanou herself. No doubt about it, she is either guilty of dereliction of duty or complicit. Given the number of times I have given her evidence and emailed her, it follows she is almost certainly complicit.


To the President of Larisa Appeals Court, Chrysoula Xaliamourtha,

I would like to bring charges against appeals prosecutor Konstantinos Gogos for withholding evidence critical to my case by erasing all mention of my case file number Δ 15/218 and my reports in his judgement.

My original charges at Larisa police station and report are missing from

the prosecutor’s file along with all other documents and evidence I have presented as Δ 15/218 apart of case n a substantial violation of procedure.

Note all these reports have been given the same file number Δ 15/218 by Larisa court because they concern the same crime being repeated over and over and the involvement of an ever widening circle of people.

He has omitted the following reports in his handwritten note to you dated 22 June 2017. (Evidence 1)

1. Ποινικές διώξεις μου στην αστυνομία της Λάρισας τον 20 Maiou 2015, Αναφορά

Αστυνομίας Λάρισας, Δ 15/218 (Evidence 2)

This report contains

A. Ποινικές διώξεις μου στην αστυνομία της Λάρισας τον Απρίλιο 2015, Αναφορά

Αστυνομίας Λάρισας, Μάιος 2015, ΑΠ 1053 3 136-B (Evidence 3)

B. Attempt at bribery of lawyer (Evidence 4)

Admission of briberty attempt (Evidence 5)

C. Η αναφορά μου στην αστυνομία της Λάρισας, Ιούλιος 2015, Αναφορά

Αστυνομίας Λάρισας, Ιούλιος 2015 ΑΠ 1053 3 136 B (Evidence 6)

I mention George Soros and Alexis Tsipras in this report as likely suspects for orchestrating a de facto murder attempt against me on account of my journalism activities. (Evidence 7)

2. Αναφορά εισαγγελέα Λάρισας, 27 Ιανουάριος 2016, Δ 15/218 (Evidence 8)

This report contains evidence George Soros and Alexis Tsipras read my blog.

Predicts the perversion of justice which occurred, underlining one case.

3. Αποδείξεις διαστρέβλωσης δικαιοσύνης, Αναφορά για τη διαστρέβλωση της

δικαιοσύνης, Φεβρουάριος 2016, ΑΠ 372 (Evidence 9)

The Ministry of Interior in collusion with prosecutors created a fake

person Th. Vallliantou to send the investigation in the wrong direction

and suppress evidence of Theodekti’s wrong doing.

4. Evidence of Theodekti’s perjury, Δ 15 218 EΓ4 16 13 F 16 508

Αποδείξεις για την ψευδορκία της Θεοδέκτης, Δ 15 218 EΓ4 16 13 F 16 508

5. The resignation of prosecutor Christina Fasoula from my case Δ 15/218

6 Confirmation my case went to the Areios Pagos in April 2016

7. Προκαταρκτική ποινική ετυμηγορία της Παπαϊωάννου

Preliminary penal verdict of Papaioannou Δ 15 218 EΓ4 16 13

8. Appeal Δ 15 218 EΓ4 16 13

9 Satements to investigative judge at Larisa for case Δ 15 218 EΓ4 16 13 now split into two cases

E 16 486 and Lamba 16 162 for all Larisa prosecutors.

10. Charges against Alexander Oekonomou in relation to Δ 15/218

Gogos must know that (the case file number is vital for my case Δ 15/218 . But Gogos has omitted case file number and all the reports precisely because he is part of the conspiracy to cover up the crimes of Alexis Tsipras, Vasiliki Thanou, Alexander Oekonomou, Theodekti and others.

He selectively referenced the reports )handwritten two reports giving the dates when I wrote them but not the dates when they were officially received by Larisa court and given the file number Δ 15 218.

As a result of this objective deficiency in the selection of reports (and hearing of witnesses) any biased or false statements by the accused and non-essential witnesses could not corrected to my disadvantage.

The prosecutors have systematically suppressed the essential witnesses at

the monastery who could prove the crimes of Theodekti and lead to her


Οι εισαγγελείς απέκρυψαν συστηματικά τους βασικούς μάρτυρες του

μοναστηριού που θα μπορούσαν να αποδείξουν τα εγκλήματα της Θεοδέκτης και

να προκαλέσουν την καταδικη της.

The suppression of my charges on April 22nd, 2015 on 27th April 2017, my July report, my January report, February, Appeal, statements in December in 2016 and rerferencse to only two statements with no case files to be references out of context means that the necessary conditions and facts for making a decision on the case do not exist in a substantial procedural violation.and to my significant disadvantage.

I allege you have sanctioned the substantial procedural violation of issuing communications in handwritten notes, and joined in the violations together with Xenia Dimitriadou and Vasililiki Thanou who have a duty of oversight.

In addition, it was Gogos obligation to give me accurate and correct information about my case. Gogos falsely told me my case had gone to Volos. When I asked for the date, he admitted it was still here, showed me the handwritten note and said he would Karditsa in 15 days. He failed to disclose to me that the note would go to the three judges of the XXX who would be in a position to repeat the original crime of having me forcibly confined under an emergency laws. The three judges fulfil the criteria two witnesses and a prosecutor. I allege this is the plan, to have me forcibly confined and my murder framed as suicide.

The fundamental defects in procedure that occurred in my case mean that the investigation is null and void.

It needs to be reopened.

The individuals responsible, Vasiliki Thanou, Xenia Dimitiriadou, Xoul, Gogos, should be subjected to disciplinary measures and criminal proceedings.

The substantial procedural violations, misconduct and crimes have resulted in damage to me. I have had to endure financial losses during the fake investigation, including legal and translation costs. In addition, I have suffered psychological and emotional stress. That is why I would make an application for compensation from the individuals as well as the institutions they work for, who have a duty of care or supervision.

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