Republican-led House Committee votes to strip Trump of power to declare war

From The Independent

A House committee has earned a rare bipartisan round of applause for beginning to roll back the US president’s ability to wage war.

The House Appropriations Committee recently approved an amendment to revoke the Authorization for Use of Military Force, which allows the president to undertake war against al-Qaeda and its affiliates without Congressional approval. The law, passed shortly after the terrorist attacks of 11 September, 2001, has been used to approve conflicts in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria.

The new amendment, introduced by Democratic Representative Barbara Lee, would sunset these presidential powers eight weeks after Congress passes the 2018 defence spending budget. The appropriations committee has sent the budget to the House floor for a vote.

US President Donald Trump has ordered his national security team to develop a new approach to defuse North Korea’s missile and nuclear weapons threat with a military option on the table to finally denuclearise the Korean Peninsula as “the only appropriate and acceptable” solution, Trump’s national security adviser H.R. McMaster said on Wednesday.

President Donald Trump is set to receive revised military options from National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster to deal with North Korea’s continued nuclear and ballistic missile programs.
“The threat is much more immediate now and so it’s clear that we can’t repeat the same approach – failed approach of the past,” McMaster said during a security conference with Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly. “The President has directed us to not do that and to prepare a range of options, including a military option, which nobody wants to take.”

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