Failures flock together: Kushner and Soros attend same Hamptons party while Trump performs bizarre wrestling dance for our diversion

Imagine a room full of Theodekti’s, Theonike’s and others of similar ilk.

Well, that is the kind of people you would have met along with Jared Kushner, Ivanka Trump, George Soros and Charles Koch, who mingled together on Saturday at Washington Post editor Lally Weymouth’s Southampton home for champagne, cocktails, and fried chicken. Soros has leant Kushner money and their meeting underscores the overlap that exist’s between the Trump team and their agenda and the Soros team and their agenda.

David Auerbach is quoted as tweeting…

“George Soros and Charles Koch are partying together in the Hamptons, while their footsoldiers do battle online (and offline). It’s a farce.”

Kushner owes money not just to Soros but also to Deutsche Bank, which leant him nearly 300 million dollars one month before election day. Deutsche Bank is in the crosshairs of a Russian money laundering scandal.

Trump is a show, dear readers. Soros and Koch, key Dems and Reps, Goldman Sachs and Russia, have clearly come to an agreement behind closed doors on how to fleece tax payers, divide up the revenue from drug trafficking, child trafficking etc, and install an authoritarian government.

The war between them is largely a show just like Donald Trump’s choreographed wrestling match with his pseudo opponent Vince McMahon is a show, designed to empty the pockets of the most moronic section of American society gawping at ring. Trump looks like his toupe could come off any moment as he “body slams” McMahon, whose wife, Linda, is now in his cabinet.

The face of Mcmahon has been substituted for the CNN logo in an edited video and Trump is shown knocking the news network out in a new tweet.

Sure, we believe it! We believe there is a real conflict between CNN and Trump.

Gerhard Zeiler, the head of Turner International, a subsidiary of Time which runs CNN, attended this year’s Bilderberg meeting along with Trump allies Henry Kissinger, Peter Thiel, H R McMaster etc and a host of other media executives.

The war between the so called fake news CNN and Trump’s equally fake news sites like Infowars is just a show to deflect from the real issues, specifically, sovereign money, ad the issuance of debt free treasury bills, the soft kill weapons of vaccines and the neo con war agenda, none of which probems Trump is actually tackling.

The problem for the Globalists is that turnout for the show elections is reaching record lows in countries like France. Nearly 60% of the people didn’t bother to vote in the presidential elections, undermining the legitimacy of Globalist and Rothschild banker Emmanuel Macron.

Turnout was also low in some of the recent special elections in the USA as in South Carolina.

Aware that public no longer believes the media, the fake mainstream media or the fake alternative media, the Globalists appear to have decided to try to keep the attention of the public with Trump’s bizarre antics, at least, long enough to take down the USA and the rest of the world drowning in a sea of fractional reserve banking debt by starting world wars, initiating epidemic false flags etc

The problem that the Globalists now have is that the Theodekti’s Theoniki’s, Jared Kushners, George Soros’ of this world have seriously deviant and criminal natures, and they do not get how the average human being, institutions or the law ticks, making it tricky, yes, impossible for this tiny clique to manage pyschological or legal aspects in the internet era.

My advice to them. Stop mixing together all the time when you here the same old, same old, failed ideas, and do the same old, same old failed things, and get some fresh input.

Kushner needs to get real about what a failure his career has been. The son of a jailbird, he is also heading to jail as his hiring of a criminal defence lawyer indicates. He vastly overpaid for a Manhatten skyscraper. In spite of his reputation as a cruel slum landlord preying on the poor, most media think he can’t scrap enough money together to stop going bankrupt soon.

Four times bankrupt Trump, meanwhile, is the grandson of a brothel keeper, who has to keep his tax returns secret. Between them, Trump and Kushner could not run a pony show.

Soros could not get  an Ebola false flag going in 2014 and he has not managed to silence me three years later even as a stack of evidence implicating him accumulates, not a good idea when 99.999% of humanity would like to see him in jail and he has surrounded himself with morons.


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