Difficult to work on my case…computer and programmes keep crashing…

Just as I was working on a table showing all the reports connected with my case Delta 15 218, my Open Office programme crashed…

Screenshot (1943)

In fact, my computer has frozen up. The only thing still functioning  is this blog…

Anyway, this is a copy of the confirmation of receipt of my appeal to the verdict of Ekatherina Papaioannou at Larisa court on 26th April 2016 with the case file number Delta 15 218, not mentioned at all by appeals prosecutor Konstantinos Gogos in his handwritten note.



The Appeal in Greek…

Appeal GR-gr

…and the origjnal English with some Greek file numbers.


Making it easier for me, I can use a lot of the same phrases and even paragraphs from the appeal in my new charges. This is because Gogos has done exactly what Papaioannou did, namely suppress all the essential evidence…

Here is the report from 9.03.2016, which is mentioned by Gogos.

Gamma 16 508 Report Greek

Only Theodekti and the lawyers Simos Samaras and Konstantinos Christopoulos are accused, no justice officials at all.

How did Gogos  come to include this minor report about the wrong people while ignoring the major violations in procedure of prosecutors recorded in the appeal after the Areios Pagos had assigned a prosecutor to my case?



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