Sources: Transcripts of calls between Kushner, Bannon and Russian officials

One day before Donald Trump is set to meet Vladimir Putin in the flesh for the first time (officially, anyway), reports are emerging that Jared Kushner and Steve Bannon had phone contact with Russian officials.

Claude Taylor, a former Bill Clinton Staffer with close ties to the intelligence community, has tweeted that CNN execs have seen transcripts of calls between Kushner, Bannon and Russian officials (my guess, one contact is Kislyak and a phone call around November 9th):
“I have a series of quotes from Senior CNN Executives candidly describing their Network, relationship with WH and what they know. Senior CNN Executive: ‘We have seen and have copies of transcripts of calls between Kushner, Bannon and high level Russian officials. At the least, those two committed treason, and it’s hard to believe Trump wasn’t part of it,’” tweets Taylor.

Louise Mensch, a former British MP who also has accurate sources, also tweeted the Washington Post has evidence of collusion. “Further to [Claude Taylor’s] report on CNN, my own sources confirm that CNN has transcripts of Kushner and Bannon; WaPo has better evidence.”

Coincidentally, Lally Weymouth, the editor of the Washington Post editor and the grand daughter of Federal Reserve Chairman Eugene Meyer, who bought the newspaper, hosted Kushner and Soros at a part in her Hamptons home this weekend.

Why is the WaPo possibly sitting on Russian collusion evidence? Why is CNN not publishing their transcripts? There may be nothing incriminating in the transcripts. The calls may not have been made using encryption technology or some other method to conceal them. On the other hand, the calls may contain damning evidence of collusion or attempt at secrecy. If that is the case, Kushner, Bannon and the Russians may well have already guessed they have been caught and have taken precautionary actions. So, I do not see myself how publishing the transcripts hinder any investigation?

It’s this kind of news manipulation that has  earned both the CNN and WaPo such a poor reputation if Claude Taylor’s and Louise Mensch’s sources were telling the truth.

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