Whenever the Globalists have met widespread resistance from within a nation state, they have used the same tactic as Adolf Hitler used in the Night of the Long Knives, and sought to remove a large number of opponents simultaneously.

In 2010, 96 opponents of the New World Order in Poland, including the then President Lech Kacynski, seem to have been killed in a coordinated action, and their deaths blamed on a plane crash in Smolensk, Russia.

A recent exhumation of Lech Kacynski has revealed that the body parts of other people have been placed in his coffin, fuelling speculation of a false flag assasination attempt conducted by Globalists elements in the CIA in cooperation with Vladimir Putin.,Parts-of-two-bodies-found-in-late-Polish-presidents-coffin-official

In November 2015, a football match in Hamburg, which was to have been attended by the entire German cabinet, was called off at the last moment due to a terrorist plot.

Watching now the brazenness of Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin, I am starting to wonder if this pair of mobsters are not planning a Night of the Long Knives style operation in the USA to take down their main opponents. After all, Trump is backed up in the USA by Henry Kissinger and Goldman Sachs.

A Night of the Long Knives style op could use Russian intelligence forces or the mercenaries of, say, Erik Prince, to send out hit teams to carry out the simultaneous kidnapping, imprisonment and murder of selected targets while blaming their deaths on a plane crash or a terrorist attack or something else.

Time is not on Trump’s side, after all, and he may think he has nothing more to lose. In  September, for one thing, he has to publish his tax returns, which may well show financial links to Russia. Also, the Russia probe by the FBI appears to be preparing to prosecute not just Trump but also Jared Kushner. So, Trump might decide he would rather take a gamble and take down his opponents than face years in prison.

In addition, the US economy is wilting under the higher interest rates, and it will not be long before Trump’s base realize he has lied to them about bringing back jobs.

Anyway, if I were a high profile opponent of Trump, I would be taking very specific steps, such as varying my daily routine now, checking my security detail etc because the precedents are there in Smolensk.

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