Die Freie Welt blog emails me about an editor position in Berlin. Thank you, Soros and Tsipras, for giving me so much credibility. Gone from mainstream media science journalist, to “mentally ill” conspiracy theorist, back to potential editor of influential blog as everyone sees Greek police docs prove I am target

Delighted, George Soros and Alexis Tsipras! By pulling out all the stops to pervert the course of justice and set me up for a lethal penalty here in Greece and getting caught over and over again, and by allowing me to document every step in court and police documents, you have given me enormous credibility.

Thank you so much for giving me such a boost.

Even Die Freie Welt blog  has just sent me an email asking me if I am interested in a position as an editor in Berlin.

freie welt

That shows that Die Freie Welt thinks I am, in the meantime, so credible, that they can present me to the German, Austrian and Swiss public as an editor of their blog without having to fear smears or a backlash from their (highly educated) readers.

Contributors to Die Freie Welt include respected academics such as Hans Olaf Henkel as well as the former editor of Die Presse Andreas Unterberger.


Now, the assumption of Globalists like Alexis Tsipras and George Soros was that if they could get the Greek police and medical establishment to stamp me as mentally ill, forcibly confine me, destroy my mind with drugs and then murder me, then the vast majority of people would assume, by extension, the information on my blog about vaccines and false flag epidemics was mentally ill.
That people would assume all the facts, documents I have put on my blog showing the Globalists have a world depopulation agenda based around epidemic vaccine were also in my mind etc.

The hope was the readers would think “Oh, we had better not check the facts, do the research and find out that Jane Buergermeister is telling us the truth. We’d better take the risky vaccines like sheep. To do otherwise is dangerous. The authorities will crack down, call us crazy.”

But now, the opposite effect has kicked in. Everyone can see the verifiable proof of the repeated suppression of evidence in my case just by tracking the file numbers and dates on the police and court documents, and watching them constantly disappear. Fact is justice officials are obliged to follow procedures and rules. When justice officials suddenly start breaking every rule, hiding evidence, suppressing witnesses, they are no better than common criminals, and the public recognizes that.

The way I have been targetted on account of my journalism activities to be tortured into a servile mental patient by a criminal globalist elite has now actually persuaded many people that there really must be a eugenicist Globalist cabal with a secret depopulation agenda based around epidemic vaccines. Why else would so much effort and resources be committed to shutting my blog down, the single blog focussing on epidemic vaccines on the globe?

Even Larisa appeals prosecutor Konstantinos Gogos asked me in all seriousness if I thought there was a New World Order with a depopulation agenda when I went on June 26th to ask him about his judgement. I got the impression from our brief talk that Gogos had tended to consider the NWO a kind of fairytale or a myth. But because he himself played an instrumental role in crushing so much evidence in my case, it seems have stimulated him to be curious about the NWO, to seek answers, to start to educate himself.

He said to me “you are in deep water.” I said to him, no, you are in deep water. You are the target of these vaccine campaigns. I am the one standing in the gap, trying to stop it. Somehow Greek police and justice officials haven’t made the connection between their lives and my blog unlike the Austrian police and 99.99% of the rest of the globe.

By trying so hard to discredit me, everyone can see how freedom of the media is being crushed. My case in Greece will just stimulate the critical thinking process and the accelerate the awakening to the Globalist agenda, and to the risks of vaccines, the very thing the Globalists don’t want.

The botched attempts in Greece to thwart justice im my case and demonize me has just opened people’s eyes wider to the fact that there really is a cabal, which controls the mainstream media, and which infilitrates governments to set up criminal networks to crush free speech and real independent journalism.

Not only have the Globalists repeated attempts to crush me boosted my credibility, the very thing they wanted to destroy, they have allowed themselves to be identified as individuals.

Recall, the latest round of attacks against me almost certainly were triggered when I sent evidence to MPs belonging to UK Parliament in February 2015, showing that the Saatchi Bill, and the deregulation of the drug market, was potentially very dangerous, and when my information apparently helped stop the Saatchi Bill.

That means, it is safe to put Lord Maurice Saatchi on the list of eugenicist Globalists along with David Cameron, Boris Johnson, George Soros, Alexis Tsipras and Werner Faymann.

To carry out their attacks against me, the eugenicist Globalist clique conscripted mentally ill foot soldiers, including Theodekti, Theonike, judges like Alexander Oekonomou and Areios Prosecutor Xenia Dimitriou, ready to risk a new global epidemic vaccine campaign with dangerous jabs for a small advantage to themselves they might not even live very long to enjoy if they have to take the Ebola jab.

I am a Christian and I believe in God. I believe God has helped me through all these threats and dangers precisely because he did not want innocent people to be injured by risky vaccines. And I know people like Theodekti will be going to hell for their repeated attempts to destroy me. That is not a nice place to be, but they deserve it.

They were ready to have not just me killed, but you too, dear readers.

You were their target.

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