Israel denounces anti democratic Globalist George Soros, should help me jail him

He is a former Nazi collaborator without a shred of remorse.

He is a hedge fund manager in the process of trying to destroy the German, and European, economy by loading it with debt through a wave of migrants and by speculating against Deutsche Bank.

He is a eugenicist Globalist, trying to launch mass vaccination campaigns with potentially lethal vaccines like Ebola.

He is a proven reader of my blog.

A mountain of evidence connects him with the original murder attempt made against me for exposing the Ebola scam and the cover ups. Bear in mind, I was hard to reach, in a monastery 1000 feet up a mountain in Greece in April 2015. Yet they still managed to infiltrate it through the corrupt Abbess, Theodekti, sister of LSE grad and politician Grigoris Vallianatos.

He is George Soros and I invite Israel to help me put him in jail.

Israel’s foreign ministry has issued a statement denouncing Soros ahead of a visit to Budapest next week by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Any country, person or organization that wants to deal a fatal blow to the NWO and see George Soros behind bars using the civilized mean of law courts should support my case in Greece and an investigation by the Austrian authorities given the proven corruption of the Greek police and prosecutors.

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