The Roland Freisler of Greece now trying to scape goat minor prosecutors in vain bid to avoid jail for herself and her new boss Alexis Tsipras

It did not take long. Ten days after retiring, Vasiliki Thanou, the Roland Freisler of Greece, has just beeen appointed the head of Alexis Tsipras’s legal office, fuelling fears she has been in his secret accomplice in destroying justice for a long time.

Facing years in jail for her role in the perversion of justice in my case as trust in Tsipras’ government collapses to 13%, Thanou should get real about the advice she gives Tsipras on what to do next.

It is clear that Thanou and Tsipras are never going to let my case go to trial because they will end up facing multiple life sentences for their role in pushing the eugenicist New World Order agenda of mass depopulation of Greece, Austria and other countries through vaccines. Not to mention the theft of the Austrian presidential elections in December 2016 when my blog was blocked as I tried to report on the results in real time only to find out that during the crucial fifteen minutes the winner was switched over.

Thanou and Tsipras are not going to want to face the wrath of the Greek people when the way he has misused the corrupt clergy police and prosecutors to silence me after using his network to try to murder me in April 2015 on account of my information about vaccines.

Thanou and Tsipras can no longer get away with killing me with impunity either using the empty forms of law either. The evidence against them now is so staggering, it could be the subject of a PhD thesis.

That leaves only an out of court settlement. So, get on with it, Thanou. Stop deluding yourself that you another trick, lie or crime will undo all the evidence of all your other tricks, lies and crimes.

Meanwhile, Thanou and former Larisa court president are trying to set up the low ranking state prosecutors for penalty. Not acceptable. It is clear Christina Fasoula, Agori Papagori and the other low ranking prosecutors are acting on orders from above as part of a network leading all the way to Tsipras and Thanou.


Larisa appeals court judges Chrysoula Chaliamourtha, Panajotis Malitha and Eleni Mourtsi in their decision dated 30th June, the day Thanou retired, have joined in the conspiracy to prevent the conviction the wrong doing of Thanou, Oekonomou and other high ranking justice officials by suppressing the evidence against them and sending my “case ” stripped of most of the evidence to Trikala, referencing only only three lower ranking state proseuctors with minor roles.

The real villain among the low ranking prosecutors is Aikaterina Papaioannou who is left out altogether in spite of her proven collusion to pervert the course of justice in such a way as to set me up for a lethal penalty together with the Areios Pagos in April 2016.  And what about that other pair of criminals Larisa first prosecutors Dimitra Papachristou and Ioannis Mantzokis?

Their decision is null and void because most of the evidence has not been taken into account in violation of my right to due process and because Trikala is under the jurisdiction of Larisa court and, therefore, not independent.

I invite Larisa prosecutors to give me their statements about who pressured them to do what when in return for immunity from prosecution. One thing is for sure, Thanou and Tsipras are back stabbers, trying to scape goat the minor figures, and not worth giving any loyalty to.

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