Greek judges and prosecutors accuse Tsipras of seeking to destroy independent justice

As Donald Trump attempts to obstruct the Russia probe, Americans should be alert to what happens to a country like Greece where justice is destroyed…

From Greek Reporter

The Union of Judges and Prosecutors, in a harsh announcement issued on Sunday, accused the government of “systematically attempting the complete subjugation and manipulation of justice, so that it operates not as an independent power but as a government mechanism.”

Main opposition New Democracy urged Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras to “stop the manipulation of Greek justice” in an announcement issued on Sunday, and warned of a risk to democracy in Greece.

“One day before the 43rd anniversary since the restoration of democracy, the Union of Judges and Prosecutors in a historic announcement is directly accusing the government for the sum of the interventions and attacks on justice, which aim at its complete subjugation and manipulation,” the announcement said.

The main opposition noted that the judiciary’s announcement is a strong message to all Greek citizens to be on alert. When Greek judges feel that there is constant intervention from governmental power, democracy in the country is “not on a good path”.

“Society needs a strong and independent justice, capable of protecting the citizens and administering law. Mr. Tsipras, even now, must realise the great responsibility he bears and stop the slippery path of manipulation of Greek justice,” the announcement said.

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