Greek police arrest priest for sexting boy

It’s good to see the Greek police taking action against an Orthodox priest for sexting a 15 year old boy.

The Orthodox church, a haven for organized crime, has for too long enjoyed an untouchable status in Greece.  I have heard of alleged cases where priests fondled girls and boys here in Larisa. Yes, one middle aged man told me he was warned not to go to Mount Athos because he could be raped by the monks there. After all I have experienced in Greece, the rape of male visitors by monks with de facto immunity no longer seems unreal.

Theodekti, the Abbess of John the Forerunner, is one of the most evil woman you are ever likely to meet. But despite all her crimes, she is still at large, and able to plot more crimes against me. She is at large because her superiors, the Bishop of Volos and the Archbishop of Athens, have teamed up with Alexis Tsipras and George Soros in a vile plot to silence a journalist warning about the New World Order depopulation agenda through vaccines. This clique have created a corrupt network of police and prosecutors in Larisa and Athens to cover up the original crime and set me up for a lethal penalty. The most corrupt have been promoted and are spreading like cancer throughout Greece.

The president of Larisa court Alexander Oekonomou was made the president of the court of first instance in Athens in September. The crooked Larisa police chief Asterios Mantzokas  was appointed the head of the district of Phthia in January. Greece’s main road and train track connecting the North and South, Athens and Thessaloniki runs through Phthia.

I just wonder how many car accidents there might be in that area of prominent people?

I don’t drive in Greece for the very reason car accidents are the preferred method of assassination of the NWO. I go everywhere on foot in Larisa, try to stay on the left side of the road to watch for oncoming vehicles and try to watch who is behind me. Why make it easy for the NWO?


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