“I have made mistakes … big mistakes,” Tsipras tells The Guardian as Thanou scandal grows

Former Supreme Court President Vasiliki Thanou is finding her retirement rather tiring, after all. For one thing, she now has to travel quite a distance across Athens between the office of her new boss, Alexis Tsipras “in a neoclassicial villa” “on a leafy avenue” , as The Guardian puts it, to the ultra modern Areos Pagos building to convey Tsipras’ latest instructions to first prosecutor Xenia Dimitriou on how to fix cases.

One such trip occured on Thursday afternoon, raising eye brows.


The opposition party has asked why Thanou felt the need to hold a secretive meeting with the country’s leading prosecutor Dimitriou after she has taken up a position working as the head of Tsipras’ legal team.

I invite readers to picture a scene along the lines described by a Guardian writer who has just interviewed Tsipras…


“Although it is 33C in the shade and blindingly bright outside, the lights are on in the the prime minister’s residence when the clock strikes noon. Tsipras’s wood-panelled bureau has the feel of a cocoon.”

A coccon? Now who would have thought that Tsipras’ office resembles a bunker cut off from the world, from all sense of reality?

“When I am led inside he is alone, hands in his pockets, a pensive look on his face,” notes the reporter.

Pensive, possibly because he has just been reading this very blog. The championship evidence connecting him to the murder attempt made agaisnt me in 2015 on account of the information on my blog is now a seamless chain since proof of a cover up has now emeshed the highest levels of the Supreme Court, including Thanou and Dimitriou.

“His desk – almost empty save for a few paper notes, a stack of neat files and a box of Cuban cigars – was previously in front of the window, making it impossible to enjoy any fresh air.”

Ah, Tsipras needs lots of gasps of fresh air as he contemplates the fact that it now widely known that he is a eugenicist Globalist working with George Soros to depopulate Greece and the world with vaccines.

“… Tsipras is in reflective mood. At barely 42, responsibility, and the realities of governing, weigh heavy. “I have made mistakes … big mistakes,” he says, adding that his biggest error may have been “the choice of people in key posts”,” he told Helena Smith of The Guardian.

Tsipras may well be thinking of Thanou and Dimitriou. They have made such a hash of their attempts to thwart justice in my case, that the Austrian authorities will have no choice but to step in to protect my life here in Greece.

An imagined scene from inside the Mansion Maximos…

A Tsipras like figure, in between angry puffs of a cigar, turns from the window where he is taking in gasps of air to face a figure standing on the other side of his desk in a wood panelled office where the lights are on.

“Why, why, did I ever leave it up to you?”

A Thanou, glancing reproachfully at the almost empty desk, with just a few notes and a box of cigars.

“Look, I asked you for your input. You couldn’t be bothered.”

“What do you mean, couldn’t be bothered? The files for her case need half a gigabite on my USB stick. How do you expect me to read all of that and govern the country?  I left it to you as the so called legal expert. You were supposed to protect me, not implicate yourself and me. Now, I am hung, drawn and quartered.”

“Look, I was busy, very busy arranging the gala at the Hilton. I left it to Xenia…”

“Did she have to be so damn obvious? I had no idea until I read that woman’s blog entry yesteryday that there were only two reports included in the decision of Xaliamourtha and one of them was from that case number Delta 15 218 concerning the original murder attempt. How can you explain the fact the murder attempt is not included in the decision which is meant to be only about the corrupt prosecutors?”

“You said to make her looked confused.”

“She doesn’t look confused. We look confused. If there were one or two reports missing, you could say you overlooked them, but 30? And then there is no mention of any of the main corrupt prosecutors who are becoming famous throughout Greece. Even I know all their names in the meantime, Papachristou, Mangoutas, Oekonomou…”

“How on earth did I guess she was going to go to the court and find the decision and file charges?”

“Because she’s always going to the court to look for the decisions. When she finds them, she always fires off another round of charges because 99% of the evidence is always missing.”

“Yes, but this method has always worked so far here in Greece, and I’ve had over 40 years of experience. No individual has ever been able to do anything in the face of such a vast conspiracy and so much intimidiation. How was I to know it wasn’t going to work this time?”

“This time we’re dealing with a blogger who has taken on the NWO and whose blog is read all around the world. When she puts up the evidence time and time again that 99% of all the police reports, doctors reports, evidence, is always missing from your decisions, then even a total moron can see there is something radically wrong.”

“What were our options? We couldn’t investigate because the original crime was witnessed by so many up there in the monastery, and then there was the lawyer admitting to the bribery attempt.”

“I don’t know but it has ended in disaster for me? I could end up in jail a few years down the line. What do I mean, years? Months, now that all my top prosecutors and judges are implicated. You must realize it s over for you and Xenia now the highest appeal judges in Thessaly are implicated. Larisa is the capital of Thessaly, the fifth biggest regional unit in Greece. The Thessaly appeals court in Larisa is directly under the Areios Pagos in the organizational chart. Plus, she has all those emails sent to you  warning you about all the irregularities.”

“What are we going to do?”

Answers, pensively puffing on a cigar…

“It’s a tough one.”

“Should we try another trick?”

“Like what? Like that miserable attempt to have her arrested under false pretences that totally backfired? Is that what you’re suggesting?”

“We could throw her over a ship, and blame it on Putin. I mean she managed to annoy Trump and the Russians too with her February 15th blog post.”

“Great. Trump and Putin are really going to be pleased if we off her and try to pin it on them, aren’t they? I can think of no faster way to end up ten feet under the ground.”

“Okay, so we throw her over a ship and blame it on accidental gust of wind.”

“Who is going to believe that? The trail of paper leads to me, you and George and now Jared. Every time we fail, the paper trail gets bigger. It’s now at my very office door.

“What about letting the Austrians take her case?”

“No way. Not now I’ve been caught stealing their presidential election.”

“Look, we have no good options left. We have to settle out of court before this gets totally out of control.”

“To let her off the hook?  That would strike a blow at the way we work. I mean, I managed to recruit you for this criminal enterprise on the promise of immunity.”

“Exactly, another one of your broken promises, Alexis. Here I am being held to account…If I had known, only known the spotlight would fall on me as your helper in a vaccine scheme to depopulate Greece by silencing the only journalist reporting on it…well, I wouldn’t have done it. My neighbours refuse to talk to me anymore.”

“How do you think I feel having to go to parliament and face all the stares. The reason I have cocooned myself inside this office is because I can’t stand being called a Soros lackey behind my back.”

“You’re just imaginging it.”

“Maybe, but then I’m going mad. The voices sound real enough to me.”

“We could offer her some small sum, like 15 million euros, small anyway compared to my new offshore bank account. I mean I got 200 million.”

“As if? That woman is going to insist on security guarantees, penalties againt the guiltiest judges and police and such a huge sum in compensation, it will force me into another bailout. And what about the publicity?”

“I think the idea that if it’s not in the media, it’s not known is out of date. Wasn’t it you who said to me just know that the reach of her blog is our problem? And now the word is spreading throughout the police and prosecutors here too that Soros is trying to wipe out the population using epidemic vaccines, you and your pyscho health minister Pavlovski, and I’m helping you.”

“What I hate is the humiliation! The embarrassment of failing! How many times have we tried and failed now in the past two years.”

“I’ve lost count but I think we have failed circa 15 times in past two years and three months.”

“The stress is giving me an ulcer. And the worst thing is there’s going to be another bailout. They have me under their thumb. If only I could raise money on the markets.”

“How? You would have to make savage budgets cuts to pay the interest and that would make you even more unpopular.”

“I know, go and ask Xenia… Go now, and ask her what she thinks…”

“I think she is beginning to regret the day I sent her to Larisa last year to look at that woman’s case after that Spyropoulou filed charges against me.”

“Go to her office, go on, go on.”

“What if someone sees me?”

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