From Theodekti’s black spectre group to Trump’s KKK crime gang of Kissinger, Kushner and Kislyak

“Big progress being made in ridding our country of MS-13 gang members and gang members in general,” claims The Don.

He doesn’t include the White House where his  new communications director, Anthony “Scareface” Scaramucci. Barely in office, he has been hurling obscene insults and threatening to murder Reince Priebus “we are brothers like Cain and Abel.”

Meanwhile, the Don’s attempts to bully competent patriot Jeff Sessions out of his job as Attorney General have backfired.

Republican Senator Lindsey Graham has declared that if Donald Trump fires his Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, “there will be holy hell to pay”.

Over the past week, the President has verbally attacked Mr Sessions, making clear that he is angry with the Attorney General for recusing himself from a probe into possible ties between Trump campaign advisers and the Russian government.”

Yes, let’s make America safe again by clapping The Don, Kushner, Kislyak and Kissinger, Gary Cohn, Wilbur Ross, Erik Prince and Betsy Devos in jail.

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