Meet the crime community run by Supervillain Theodekti. Murder for hire gang working for eugenicist Globalists George Soros and Alexis Tsipras

Crime gang

Black Spectre crime community
Part of the The Secret Empire Orthodox clergy gang
Disguise nuns

Hide out
Fortified complex on Mount Kissovo, Anatoli, Greece with guard dogs, gates, and a shot gun in reserve, also have lairs in Lavrio close to Athens and Estonia

live like royalty by crime proceeds, donations, cash for favours for politicians, corrupting local police and prosecutors

Murder for hire fixers of the eugenicist Globalists George Soros and Alexis Tsipras


journalist blogging about Ebola while their guest

Group ruled with an iron fist by Supervillain Theodekti (who has the shot gun!) and the Bishop of Volos. Church laws allow Theodekti to lock sisters in their rooms for three days without food…

Never wavering from the goal of getting money by any means, Theodekti has a host of compliant followers seen below in a group photo.

Far left, end of semi circle, small and square like a wild boar on a mountain road isSupervillain Theokdekti

She concocted a complex and ambitious scheme to accumulate power and suppress adversaries, specifically plot to off myself, a journalist blogging about Ebola in April 2015 as I was about to leave the monastery, by physically assaulting me, trying to lock me in an office and using an emergency law in Greece that allows only two witnesses to ask for the forcible confinment of someone.

Note colourful costume and name and eccentric appearance of her gang.

Centre Theofili Close confidant and co plotter of Theodekti in Estonia

Centre right plus two Theoniki. Close confidant, fixer and bouncer of Theodekti, Theonike wrapped her hands around my neck threatening to murder me after I survived Theodekti’s attempt to silence me as I was trying to leave the monastery.

End right in two. Theosemni. A weak, virtue signalling German, who will go along with anything as long as the crime gang provides her with a good life. Would have been a good Nazi.

End right? Theopisti. An active plotter from the mother crime gang in Lavrio, involved in elaborate scheme to fake witnesses to win a civil defamation case in Germany, which eventually backfired when Munster court asked for proof the witness existed.

Theoktisti. Pressured to lie by Theodekti and did lie.

An exploited, slave of Theodekti from a poor family in Armenia, kept in the dark about most things or given misinformation.

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