Munster court document demanding Theodekti pay for lost civil defamation lawsuit, German appeals court rules she can be called evil after all

Oh, what a tangle web we weave when first we practise to deceive, as Walter Scott said.

Like any self respecting Supervillain, Theodekti and her gang concoted a very elaborate plot to win a civil defamation case in Germany to stop people being allowed to call her evil.

Now she has lost and been ordered to pay 2,092 euros by a court in Munster to reimburse her victim.



Determined to clear herself of the name of being evil greed merchant, Theodekti, first, bribed the lawyer of Kirsten Funke as well of myself in April 2015 to ensure they did not submit evidence to the court in Munster hearing her case. She won the first instance due to this fact.

But alas, Kirsten Funke appealed and, after finding out her evidence had been withheld from the court, changed lawyers and resubmitted it.

Unable to bribe the lawyer, Theodekti and associates thought up a very convoluted scheme indeed, involding fake persons and fake witness helped by Theopisti, a German nun in Lavrio.

Alas, the plot fell apart when the Munster court asked Theodekti to provide evidence that her only witness against Kirsten Funke actually existed and was not made up by her. Instead of turning up at the court at the appointed time, Theodekti and her lawyer went awol, meaning they have now de facto admitted their guilt and lost the case.

The Munster court has ordered Theodekti to pay Kirsten Funke circa 2,100 euros in costs and Theodekti has conveyed via her lawyer, Susanna Hertzberg in Berlin, that she can only afford 100 euros a month…



Poor Theodekti, who rebuilt the old monastery in 2015 at a cost of about 400,000 euros, who got a donation of circa 120,000 euros from a German community to buy solar panels, who swindled me of 96,000 euros in bank transfers, and more in cash and kind, who has built a  very expensive Skete in Estonia from donations where more of clergy layabouts hang out.

Poor, supervillain Theodekti, who runs her business of selling milk and cheese tax free and in cash, who runs the monastery like her personal estate, living like a queen, who has private health insurance, a private pension, a flat in Athens apparently, and who has installed a private dentist’s office in her monastery, who can afford boring videos of the vast buildings of the monastery, who gives almost nothing to the poor (“They can pick the chestnuts on the mountains if they are that hungry,” she told me). Theodekti can afford to start a civil defamation case in Germany, (she told me under pressure from Theoktisti in Lavrion), afford to bribe the lawyers. But she cannot afford to pay 2,100 euros in costs when a court in Germany orders her. No doubt most of the other nuns will also be complaining about having to pay a court fee for the crimes of the mafia Abbess they keep in power.

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