Grappling with “Twisters”

Gone are the days when we had to go to news sites to keep up with current affairs, theatres to get a drama fix and the movies to see James Bond spy thrillers.

Under The Don, the genres have merged into one seamless flow, saving us a lot of time.

Trump’s tweets in real time, the FBI Russia probe and mobster antics seem to have created some kind of block buster new genre,  which, for want of another word, could just as well be called the “Twisters”.

It is fascinating, baffling, funny, surreal, horrifying by turns, but always unpredictable. There are elements of unravelling, political, economic and mental, of dramatic collision and epic conflicts as this “tornado” of events hurtles all over DC, impacting far beyond the USA.

In a sign there really is new quasi entertainment, quasi political “art” form emerging, the Wash Po has assigned its blogger on pop culture the job of giving an in depth analysis of the incredibly fast paced, yes, roller coaster, political developments.

Her latest piece on Trump’s twitter tirade to force out Jeff Sessions must have gone to press yesterday – just before Trump actually fired Reince Priebus on Twitter.

Readers will know I have fingered the Trump clan, Kissinger, Kislyak and Kushner as the real villains. Surfing on a wave of American patriotism, they took the White House. Only to engage in back stabbing worthy of Stalin and purge as many of the patriots who had supported them as they could on November 9th.

Now that the FBI investigation looks set to confirm the Trump clan have launched a cash for favours scam, partnering with kleptocratic Russian oligarchs, Putin, and Goldman Sachs, to install some kind of nepotistic dictatorship or imperial family (the “fobsters”? a cross between fools and mobsters) with the object of loot the USA, Trump is desperately trying to purge the remaining American patriots. One of the last remaining, Attorney General Jeff Sessions, sensibly is refusing to quit, and allow Trump to get away with his crimes.

But I am off my “Twisters”. Priebus (fired apparently because his repertoire of dirty tricks was not enough to stop FBI’s Russia investigation, which has now caught Don Jr in its headlights) is to be replaced by  no lesser man than retired Marine General John Kelly.

Now, that is one heck of a Twister. Is there anyone who can predict how that is going to work out? Kelly recently criticized Russian election interference. So, it will be interesting to see how a four star Marine General will  behave as the new Chief of Staff of a Ruskie Oval office.

A leading Democrat member of the Senate Intelligence Committee said Kelly could “impose some order on the increasingly anarchic White House.”

“If a general can’t to it, I don’t know who can,” he sighed.

Stay tuned to find out if Kelly gets to grips with The Twister or ends up being swept aside in its whirling currents.

Hopeful is that Kelly is a confidante of James Mattis, who has been level headed antidote to Trump’s and H R McMaster’s Blofeld style warmongering in a golf course over chocolate cake.

Also, both men have experience of physical world twisters in the form of the sudden, chaotic and impenetrable sand storms that plague the Iraqi deserts.

As if that were not enough action for one evening, well, the wife of the new communications director is reported to have filed for divorce. This, as it emerged that Anthony Scaramucci could be looking for ideas to spice up his colourful prose to a gay porn star he follows on twitter.

CNN has wisely stopped even trying to do an analysis of what Scaramucci, nicknamed the Mooch and Scarface, says during interviews, choosing instead to just offer us some of the most “eye popping quotes” from the new kid on the block.

Tune in to the next episode of Twisters by following Trump in real time on Twitter. He has just launched a tirade to get the Senate majority changed to 51, opening the USA to potentially years of instability.

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