Latest development in my case is more proof that Trump has formed secret alliance with Kushner and Soros. Soros’ ambassador Geoffrey Pyatt still in his position in Greece seven months after Trump assumed office

Well, I have sent an email to the Areios Pagos and the Council of State insisting they take action to set right the latest scandalous decision by Larisa judges.

See below.

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The constant blocking of justice in my case is yet more proof that Donald Trump is a eugenicist Globalist. Seven months after his election, he still has not managed to remove Geoffrey Pyatt, George Soros’ fixer in the Ukraine, as ambassador to Greece. Strange, because you would think Trump would want to please his backer Vladimir Putin by removing Pyatt.

Pyatt rules Greece behind the scenes on behalf of Soros, his ally Jared Kushner and now Trump. I realize The Don is very annoyed about my revelations about his team’s Russian links in a blog post on February 15th because this post triggered an attempt by the crooked Greek police and prosecutors to have me arrested under false pretences.

The Washington Post seems to have reduced its coverage of Trump’s and Kushner’s Russian links after Soros and Kushner attended a party at the Hampton’s house of editor, Lally Weymouth, a few weeks ago.

It must be annoying not for Soros, Kushner and Trump not to be able to shut my blog down.

Tough luck, Donald. You are going to jail, looks more and more like it.

No one likes a eugenicist Globalist, which is why secrecy is so important to them… When that’s gone, well…





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