Thank you, Alexis Tsipras and Vasiliki Thanou, for once more allowing such blatant corruption in my case and what a danger you are to all people as eugenicist Globalists trying to take down a journalist reporting on plans to use vaccines to depopulate the Globe.

Thank you, Theodekti and the Orthodox Church, for proving to the whole world why Munster court allows you to be called an evil greed merchant.

Thank you for going so far because the Austrians really will have to help me. Now I can go to them and say Larisa court has suppressed all my evidence even in a civil case to get my money back from criminal Theodekti, and that my own lawyer has said in an email to me the corruption in the court is so bad, there is little point in appealing.

Take a moment to think about that! My own lawyer is warning me the corruption and criminality at Larisa court and also at the Areios Pagos, which has had this case for almost two years, is so brazen that it is not worth handing in an appeal against a blatantly wrong ruling.

This is the same lawyer who is at least honest enough to tell me she won’t represent me in the criminal case because it is too dangerous. Honest, unlike the other lawyers who took the bribes and tried to set me up.

I started a civil case to get my money back n September 2016 because of all the corruption in my criminal case.

civil complaint

civil case confirmation evidence

civil case confirmation receipt

A civil case is very straightfoward. I have to prove my bank transfers to Theodekti which I did.

Here are all my bank transfers to her private account and Skete in Estonia.


I also have to prove Theodekti harmed me, which I did.

Theodekti has to offer a defence, which she did not.

The case should be cut and dried, which is why I began it in the first place.

But as per usual, the judge, whose actual written ruling I have not yet received and which is not null and void, has ignored all the evidence.

He has ignored that while I can supply bank transfers showing money transferred to Theodekti’s private bank account and Skete in Estonia, she can offer not a single receipt or shred of evidence, she returned one cent.

He has ignored it although my case is supposed to being supervised by the Areios Pagos.

The admission by my then lawyer that Theodekti tried to bribe him to suppress the case and stop me getting my money back and he reported it to the police is an admission of Theodekti’s guilt. It proves she committed all the crimes I have accused her of. It proves she did not return my 96,000 euros in transfers to me.


Bribery attempt

The lawyer’s admission is backed up by a May 11th 2015 police report, which states that I went to the police station on April 27th to accuse Theodekti of bribery. But the police report omits the lawyer’s report. He had clearly withdrawn it by May 11th following a successful bribery attempt by Theodekti. That can also be proven by the verifiable lies in emails of the lawyer to me about the case.

Στοιχείο 1-16

Στοιχείο 17-32

Στοιχείο 33-44

Στοιχείο, 45

Στοιχείο, 46

So, there is no question. Crimes were committed against me on account of my  journalism activities as I stated in the police report on April 22nd 2015 and my money was not returned to me.

For the judge in Larisa to wilfully ignore all the evidence proving the guilt of Theodekti and that she has not returned the money is a scandal.

This is a civil case. The judge is obliged to follow the evidence not ignore it all.

In her defence, Theodekti could not present one shred of evidence that she had returned one euro to me in the form of any receipts or bank transfers. She ignores most of the transfers altogether, including 22,000 euros, lyingly claims her Skete where she is called the Abbess in the media, does not have anything to do with her. Her claim she gave me back 40,000 euros in cash is a  pack of total verifiable lies and implausibilities, and also full of contradictions with her statement to the police in November 2015. She has clearly misused her power as Abbess to bully financially dependent Theoktisti and Angeliki to join her in her  lies.


Θεοδέκτη – Proofs


προσθήκη Jane Burgermeister

Π Ρ Ο Σ Θ Η Κ Η – Proofs

Π Ρ Ο Σ Θ Η Κ Η 5.01.2017

The lies are staggering, like the lie that she gave me 4,000 euros to go to Vienna in March 2014 when I could prove I never went to Vienna, but was at the monastery by emails. She claims I drank circa 40,000 euros, and mysteriously, the last cent was drunk on the very day when I tried to leave the monastery, since she does not record any time she gave me any money to drink.

On the day I attempted to leave (as proven by my emails telling people I am about to leave the monastery), Theodekti tried to have forcibly confined by the police using an emergency law after sending away witnesses.

The attempt failed when the local police told her a prosecutor would have to sign the warrant, Theodekti stated to the civil court judge so she admits it all. 

Theodekti did not ask a prosecutor to come and investigate because she knew she was committing a crime. So I was able to leave the monastery after extreme violence and death threats from Theoniki.

For the judge to ignore all these verifiable lies, implausibilities and contradictions is a scandal.

But it is no more of a scandal than my criminal case where evidence is constantly suppressed and in such a way as to set me up for a repeat of the original crime, false arrest or some other lethal penalty.

I summarized all of the staggering crimes committed by prosecutors and judges in my case in my charges against Thanou. My case has been to the Areios Pagos two times and each time the corruption continued just as before if not worse, recently.

Μήνυση Θάνου

Στοιχείο, A,B,C,D,E


See also the evidence above.

Now, Thanou, Alexis Tsipras and George Soros are worried. There is so much evidence against them, they know they are a wafer thin wedge away from jail because the world’s intelligence communities have found out about the eugenicist Globalists and their conspirators, and decided to make short shrift of them.

So, to just show the entire world what brazen criminals they are, they influence the Larisa civil court judge to issue a verdict which has not a shred of due process. That does not excuse the judge who is obliged to follow the rules of Greek and European law. It is not an option but a requirement.

And Theodekti too just to show the entire world what a depraved criminal she is, she adds crime upon crime. She is so depraved that to win a civil defamation case in Germany , she staged an impersonation during a mass in Hamburg, and she is so stupid that she was caught.

She is so depraved that when  I rang the monastery in Lavrion to speak to Theoktisti Angelaki, who is supposed to be a good Abbess, but who must be a criminal to allow this to go on for two years, one of her criminal nuns told me that I had invented all the court documents. The reasons she knew it was all in my mind and Theodekti was so good, was, Theocarte said, because Theodekti had asked them to pray for me.

Only a Satanically evil person like Theodekti would dare to use pray to cover for their crimes against another person, and only her equally corrupt followers would refuse to look at all the evidence.

But this is the Greek Orthodox Church, locals tell me, a harbour of organized crime, working together with the state and totally corrupt.




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