Golf grief!

Golf is a game that appeals to about 0.001% of the population of the globe, mainly among those who live in cold, wet climates in Ireland, Scotland and Britain. And yet it has now emerged that Anthony Scaramucci, a Wall Street multi millionaire, wanted to humanize Donald Trump using golf.

Scaramucci suggested a lottery to chose people to play golf with Trump in the latest bizarre twist to come out of what Trump calls “the dump” aka the White House.

“POTUS is the best golfer to serve as President. Perhaps, we embrace it with a national online lottery to play a round of golf with him… or a charity auction.”

Golf is big among 1% of the USA, mainly among the Irish, Scottish, British diaspora, making Scaramucci’s approach even more puzzling. And it’s not hard to understand why passion for golf has its limits.

When I was in Ireland, I got to know one man who took up golf in his fifties simply to escape his nagging wife. The golf course was the only place she would let him go, explaining his incredible “commitment” to the game.

The average golfer lugs a heavy bag around an 18 hole course in wind and rain for three to four hours without a break, pausing only now and then to strike a fiendishly small ball with a even more fiendishly small club a very long distance, past obstacles (trees, sand taps) to get it into a tiny hole in a set number of strokes.  The average golfer also has to be as lithe as a gazelle and as strong as an ox, preferably a man, to hit balls huge distances.

Moreover, golf is virtually unknown in 99% of the world. There are hardly any golf courses in Greece, for example, in spite of the tourists. So Greek Americans are among the least likely to care whether Trump plays golf or not.

But then again comms plan mentions not just golf but also stresses the importance of “good culture.”

Yet, Anthony Scaramucci on his firt day on the job told an interviewer that the now fired White House chief of staff, Reince Priebus, was “a fucking paranoid schizophrenic”  and that Scaramucci was not like Steve Bannon, the Ruskie chief strategist, because “I’m not trying to suck my own cock”. least that is what his communications plan for Donald Trump stated…

Hmm…Did “Scarface” read his own communications plan?

Did Trump read his own speeches about making the American economy great again, ending pointless wars and draining the swamp?

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