Threads of corruption? Iowa, Sydney, Larisa…

I am in a perhaps unique, even historical position of being able to prove the repeated perversion of justice in my case in Greece, also by the highest court two times, in collusion with police.

So when anti Globalist figure Cardinal George Pell , trying to clean up the Vatican’s finances, is hauled before the court in Australia for nebulous charges magnified by the media, specifically ABC, I urge readers to be cautious.

The evidence against Pell has all the substance of a ice cube melting in the Larisa sun. An ice cube in the summer in Larisa has a shelf life of max 5 minutes…

Today, I received an email from Iowa alleging corruption among judges and police.

I have not had time to watch the youtube video simply because I am too busy dealing with the Austrian embassy and writing up fresh charges this time for the Austrian authorities to take down the Greek crime gang, around Alexis Tsipras and Vasiliki Thanou, threatening my life.

But I post the message below because corruption in the justice system, whether on a large or small scale, is a serious matter, which undermines one of the pillars of democracy and civilization.

Please see evidence posted: You Tube: Iowa corrupt judges courts police 2

Iowa Dist Ct for SCOTT COUNTY “judge” MARK RAY LAWSON withheld exonerating evidence in my son’s case in order to get a conviction.

They retaliated against me after I exposed this judicial fraud.
 They fabricated a charge of TAMPERING WITH A JUROR without substamtial evidence, because there is none.

They want to silence me, imprison me. I am a husband and father of two and a disabled veteran.

Oversight authorities act with depraved indifference.


Dr. Ken Tennant
3935 Rolling Hills Drive
Bettendorf, Iowa (52722)
(563) 232-2119

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