A prayer of thanks to God for the saving of the USA from the Trumpski mafia, much praise deserved by FBI, Senate and Generals

We are living through historical times. The days of Donald Trump in office seem now to be numbered with the news that a Grand Jury has been impanelled to investigate his links with Russia. There is also an ongoing obstruction of justice probe into Trump’s firing of FBI Director James Comey.

It looks like some of his family members, perhaps even Trump himself, will end up in jail. Instead of draining the swamp, as promised, the Trump clan immediately started its own version of a cash for favours scam or property purchases for favours. Jared Kushner  has emerged as scheming super villain. Staggeringly, they thought they would get away with their crimes with the support of Russian oligarchs and Goldman Sachs.

Let’s say a prayer of thanks to God for helping the free world rid itself of the Trumpski mafia and by the civilised means of law courts.

Everyone in the world who wants to see a societies governed by the rule of law, justice, freedom, and respect for individual rights should now be very thankful that Putin’s and Trumpsk’s vision for the USA has been thwarted.

It is a great tribute to America that they have been able to produce so many quality people of integrity and intelligence such as James Comey, Robert Mueller, Rod Rosenstein, Jeff Sessions, Susan Collins, James Mattis and John Kelly and many more who stood up to the Putin, Goldman Sachs mafia.

The timing was also perfect since Trump’s popularity is plummeting as his base wakes up to the fact he is just another tool of organized crime.

Vladimir Putin and kleptocratic Russian oligarchs did not help put Trump in office to make America great again. Just look at the state of their own country. The vast mass of people are kept in impoverished servitude to a lawless and brutal clique, who loot the country’s and natural resources. No, the Ruskies helped install the Trump clan to loot and take down the USA altogether with the help of Goldman Sachs bankers.

Recall, Trump was voted in with an overwhelming mandate to improve relations with Russia. So, if Putin and his cronies had just left well enough alone, they would not be reaping the benefit of the end of sanctions. Instead, displaying all the characteristics of evil pyschos, they seem to have decided to destroy the entire country in a plot resembling something out in a bad Hollywood script. Money laundering, illegal foreign bribes, back channels in the Russian embassy, a constant fire works on twitter instead of substantial legislation to bring back jobs and prosperity, no action on the vaccine inquiry…. The Russian people would be wise to get rid of the Putin clique.

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