Executive order allowing US Treasury to print money would bring US out of debt death spiral

A quick way to restore sustained prosperity to the USA is to issue an executive order to allow the US Treasury to put debt free money in circulation instead of the private Federal Reserve as John F Kennedy did in 1963.

John F Kennedy $2 and $5 debt free US Treasury Notes or Silver Certificates had red ink.

They are the notes pictured on this blog.

Ambrose Evans Pritchard explains the economics of debt free money and the Chicago Plan revisited in The Telegraph.


Switching to sovereign money would also cut off the wealth of the organized crime gangs that have formed around private central banks, Wall Street and the City of London, and cripple their capacity to launch, for example, epidemic false flags and do other mischief.

Interestingly, Vladimir Putin also sits on the board of a state run bank that depends on a private central bank in Moscow. So, Putin is literally yet another bankster.

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