H R McMaster enjoys huge image boost after Alex Jones threatens to murder him on air for purging White House of Ruskies


H R McMaster has been the subject of a lot of criticsm since he became the head of the NSC, also from myself.

But he is set to enjoy a huge boost in his popularity after attack dogs Alex Jones and Mike Cernovich threatened him with death and smeared him on air. By joining a panicked attempt by Breitbart and Kremlin trolls to try to stop McMaster firing Steve Bannon, they have hugely increased McMaster’s standing in my eyes too.

In an ugly, hysterical, rant of insults openly threatening McMaster with murder, Alex Jones displayed that “grace under pressure” which is so admired the world over.

Jones ranted that he might be “out there in the cemetary by then”, but  McMaster would still be going down, turning almost purple on air as he bared his fangs and jabbed an accusing finger at the ghost of the general haunting him in his Austin studio.

I am sure McMaster who faced down 28 Iraqi tanks, outnumbered by three to one, is really sooo frightened to have a deranged TV host threaten him.


Jones then introduce Mike Cernovich, “undoubtedly one of the best journalists in the world” who did more wonders for McMaster’s image.

Mike claimed that, wow, McMaster has an alcohol problem. First off, listening to the blatant death threats and smears of Alex Jones and Mike Cernovich would drive quite a few people to alcohol.

But Mike Cernovich claimed McMaster drinks two dry martinis and a bottle or two of red wine with a meal. For a six foot one marine weighing 86 kilos. according to the info on the internet, that is not an alcohol problem. Cernovich should come to Larisa, Greece, where working males, who are about six foot one in height and 86 kilos in weight, regularly wash down their leisurely lunches at tavernas with a litre of wine and a tsipouro, a spirit with 40% percent alcohol volume.

Even supposing Mc drinks two martinis and four bottles of red wine a day as Czenovich claims, he would still be underneath the 13 units of alcohol which some experts say is not harmful to health.


Spare a thought for my health, dear readers. I drink  no less than 8.5 litres of tsipouro every single day, the equivalent of 8.5 bottles of whiskey, or a whopping 40 units according to eugenicist Globalist helper Theodekti.

Now, that is a person with an alcohol problem. Whimp Cernovich, his voice trembling on air as he claimed he was going to get murdered, has probably never had more than an alcopop.

Get a grip, Cernovich.

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