“I’m freaking out,” said Mike Cernovich, his voice rising in terror on air as he watches the US counter coup against the Russians unfold.

Alex Jones’s voice is so raw, he can barely rant. Puffing out his cheeks, baring fangs, scarlet in the face, he has been reduced to rasping out threats against H R McMaster, in a display of mental meltdown in real time which does him honour.

What Cernovich, Roger Jones and Alex Jones call a soft coup of the kind the described in the 1964 film “Seven Days in May” (featuring generals who fear the President’s nuclear disarmament treaty will allow the Russians to make a sneak attack), seems to the rest of us like  a rescue.

That rescue has had many spectacular twists and turns, but it is finally entering the decisive phase.

Watch a brief summary of the Trump Russia probe and current WH struggles on youtube.

A transcript…

Sallah: Indy, you have no time. If you still want the ark, it is being loaded onto a truck for Moscow.
Indiana: Truck? What truck?
Sallah: The truck to the Russian embassy compound. It’s going to be flown  to the Kremlin.
Indiana: Have we been tricked, Sallah? Has Trump lied to us all? Is he really working for Putin?
Sallah: We know that now. Didn’t Kushner, Flynn purge Trump’s entire cabinet on their orders? Aren’t Bannon and Pence in on it?
Indiana: Well, it’s not over yet.
Sallah: All your life has been spent under the US Constitution. Now it is being stolen under your own eyes. Its inside the Ark, treasures beyond your wildest aspirations, the key to a free, democratic, law abiding society, the secret to making America great again.
Indiana: I’m going after that truck. Tell the FBI, the Senate and the Pentagon to meet me in Washington fed court house. I’ll be there with the truck, the ark and the IDs of those treasonous goons.

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