Under the Dublin Rules, Greece is obliged to take back the circa 2 million plus migrants that Alexis Tsipras and his government allowed to flood Europe.

Fellow reader of my blog, George Soros, was ironically caught red handed copying my blog when he was writing a piece arguing that Germany should take vast numbers of migrants and go into debt to pay for them in September 2015.


Using the desperation of people whose countries have largely been ruined by NATO wars, to destroy Europe’s economies is a fiendishly evil plan. But George Soros also orchestrated the false flag Ebola epidemic in 2014, which was also a fiendishly evil attempt to depopulate the world using so called emergency vaccines.

From Ekathimerini

Migration Minister Yiannis Mouzalas has confirmed that Germany will start returning newly-arrived asylum seekers to Greece, effectively ending a five-year suspension of such transfers due to the poor conditions in the debt-hit country.

In an interview with German public television station ARD show “Report Mainz,” due to be aired on Tuesday, Mouzalas said that Greek authorities have received 392 requests and approved the return of “a small number” of asylum seekers from Germany and some other EU countries.

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