Mike Pence has handed over to Indiana justice officials emails from his personal account, which he used to conduct state business as governor in violation of rules, six months after receiving the request.

It is not clear if he has withheld emails, which could implicate him in illegal activities.

Pence is also implicated in the growing scandal around Michael Flynn, who he allowed to become NSC Director in spite of knowing about flows of money to Flynn from foreign governments.

From IndyStar

It took nearly six months after he left the governor’s office, but Vice President Mike Pence and his legal team say they have now provided Indiana officials with all emails from his personal AOL account involving state business.

Pence attorney Karoline Jackson said in a recent email to the state’s legal counsel that  “a complete electronic production of state records” from Pence’s time as governor had been delivered to the state as of June 23.

The office of Pence’s successor, Gov. Eric Holcomb, said the records consist of state-related emails from two AOL accounts Pence used as governor.

Pence’s attorneys are only providing emails they consider to be related to state business, but Lotter did not answer questions about how those determinations are being made.

Jackson, the Barnes & Thornburg attorney who sent the email to the state’s attorneys confirming that all emails had been transferred, did not respond to a message from IndyStar.

Government accountability advocates said the role of Pence’s campaign attorneys in deciding which emails to release raises questions about whether political considerations are playing a role in those decisions.

“What is the criteria his private law firm used to determine what is private use and what is state use?” said Zachary Baiel, president of the Indiana Coalition for Open Government. “This can definitely be seen as a way to filter out records from being in the public domain.”


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