Time to “phantom zone” Trump’s tweets?


Alex Jones has been talking a lot about YouTube’s new censorship policies, which he claims are designed to shut down Infowars and other media outlets.


Specifically, he complains about a new rule allowing for flagged videos to be placed in “a limited state.”
Alex Jones calls this state a “phantom zone” where videos cannot be shared or liked. The video still exist in cyberspace, he says, but they cannot be seen by the average surfer.

I would like to suggest placing Trump’s tweets and his improvised comments escalating the threat of WW3  in a phantom zone. If his April vacation is anything to go by, Trump will make multiple attempts to bounce and blind side the US military into committing to a North Korean or some other war.

Expect his August vacation to be even more dangerous since the FBI is now closing in on him and his associates, raiding the house of his campaign manager Paul Manafort.

Trump has become a zombie President, facing an indictment by a Washington Grand Jury and impeachment. We don’t need to bother with his tweets, his improvised remarks or anything he does.

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