Dems win back Iowa seat after swing of 22% against Trumpski

Democrats have won back a seat from Trump’s Republicans in Iowa in a special election after a swing of 22%. The win is a sign of how just how fast and far Trump’s base has crumbled after he has spectacularly failed to fulfil his election pledges, preferring instead to start a new cash for favours scam, specifically with his son in law and daughter, selling out US interests.

From Iowastartingonline

Iowa Democrats pulled off an impressive and important victory in a Southeast Iowa special election this evening, boosting the party’s hopes that 2018 could be a bounce-back year. Democratic veterinarian Phil Miller of Fairfield comfortably defeated Republican farmer Travis Harris of Davis County, 4,021 to 3,324 (about 55% to 45%), thanks largely to a massive victory in his hometown of Jefferson County. That means Democrats will hold on to a key rural swing district that Donald Trump won in November by 22 points.

Although voter registration numbers are relatively even in District 82 – 6,611 registered Republicans to 6,257 registered Democrats – Trump defeated Hillary Clinton here 57.8% to 36.4%. That was a big swing from Barack Obama’s victory over Mitt Romney here in 2012, 49.7% to 47.9%, and emblematic of the new Republican advantage in Southeast Iowa. Many Iowa political observers have wondered if this trend was permanent, or if strong, local Democratic candidates could still prevail.

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