Kelly, Mattis, McMaster: Please Save Us from President Strangelove
Once again, Trump has made a fool of himself—but this time it could get a lot worse than that. The generals can stop him, and they have to.

Rick Wilson
08.09.17 12:44 PM ET
There was a palpable sigh of relief when General John Kelly was selected as White House chief of staff and when National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster finally began purging the nationalist Pepe-fanboy Bannonites from the NSC. Combined with the presence of SECDEF Jim Mattis, Nikki Haley’s star turn at the UN, and a more assertive Rex Tillerson, there was almost a sense that the Axis of Adults would help mitigate the crazy.  When news broke that North Korea was close to mounting a miniaturized warhead on an ICBM capable of reaching U.S. territory, there was a hope that the experienced military team around Trump would turn this crisis into a foreign policy win.


In my view it’s going to have to be the FBI and the Special Counsel that saves the USA from Trumpski…The three generals in Trump’s inner circle do not seem to be the highest calibre in terms of initiative, creativity, foreword planning and analysis, quite apart from H R McMaster’s suspicious double act as a Bilderberg and Soros agent.

Even though Trump uses the same tactic over and over again, the trio of Trump’s generals seem to be constantly blind sided by it   In April, Trump also used high profile media events as platforms to ad lib far reaching, dangerous policy decisions unannounced while staying at his golf club to bypass Senate and Congress oversight.

Instead of mastering the tactic, focussing on US long term policy interests and avoiding engaging with Trump’s madness altogether in public, the generals seem repeatedly to be, first, surprised, second, paralysed, third, panicked, fourth, confused and fifth, anxious to seem in control and not weak before they become, finally, sixth, victims falling into Trump’s policy trap to the detriment of the USA by backing him up in his madness in public.

It’s time for the generals to  finally recognize they are not dealing with a legitimate president of the USA but with a mobster, who has lied and tricked his way into the White House with Russian dirty money, and adjust their response to Trump’s ad libbed policies accordingly.

A calibrated response to mobster Trump might be to, first, make no public statements at all, second, weigh all the options, third, chose the best option for the USA, fourth, make a public statement about that option, fifth, put Trump before a Washington Grand Jury.

Simply making a pact between them to force Trump to submit all plans for military action to them is setting the bar far too low.

If they were in the middle of the Vietnam jungle in the 1960s, facing insurgents on every side, running low on ammo and food, with no functioning radio, they would also not set the bar for action that low. They would not rest content with saying, okay, two of three of us will stand guard at night at our base perimeter. No, they would be figuring out how to defend their perimeter with layers of traps, mines, stakes, flares, how to get food from hunting animals and how to cut down trees to draw a sign for help for overhead helicopters.

If they had been ambushed three times by Viet Cong using the same trick of say, hiding behind water buffalo in open rice fields, they would stop walking straight across rice fields with water buffalo without doing reconnaissance first or looking for an alternative route.

I am sure Special Counsel Robert Mueller, who won a Purple Heart in Vietnam, gets that the bar has to be set high when you take on a potentially deadly enemy out to get you. ..

Or if the trio had been fighting in the Ardennes as part of the battle of the Bulge, and found themselves at night in freezing mid winter, cut off from supplies, behind enemy lines, they would not have set the bar that low either. They would have been proactive, dug a shelter in the snow, reconfigured a tin can as a stove, collected dry wood, and started a fire to warm themselves, melted snow into water and cooked their rations. And then they would have scoured their maps and used their wits to coolly figure out how best to get back to their unit, considering various options, anticipating obstacles, enemy guards etc.

The three generals have, it seems, spent too long in the comfortable chief of staff HQs behind the lines or as part of vast, relatively protected armies.  McMaster was also a tank commander in charge of tanks technically far superior to the Iraqis. They are so slow to think through scenarios and take action in anticipation of threats, so reluctant to consider the bigger picture, that they expose themselves to the charge of being plain lazy.

If they were in Larisa in my position, a target for giving information on a biological warfare threat whom the US generals just leave to fight the sharks on my own, signalling to the world there rules only moral and mental cowardice, the three generals would be NWO toast by now as they plod along with tunnel vision setting their performance and results bar very low.

If I just sat around and waited for things to be done to me before I reacted, I would have been taken under long ago in Larisa by the NWO. I have to be very proactive in uncovering the perversion of justice and proving it over and over again.

Come on, guys! We expect more of you!




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