“Putinzoning” Trump. A new approach to the infowar

Given that Donald Trump’s war rhetoric has reached dangerous levels only a couple of days into his golf  vacation, I have decided to ignore his comments about North Korea, China, Russia etc altogether.

If Trump’s golf vacation at Mar a Lago in April is anything to judge by, there will be a never ending stream of bizarre press conferences, twists and turns, threats and escapades (perhaps even false flags?) for the next two weeks.

Yes, likely, Trump and his handlers will make an even greater effort to kindle a WW3 conflagration given their pressing desire to divert from the Russia probe and falling approval ratings.

Anyway, to avoid pouring fuel on the fire, this blog will not give the oxygen of publicity to Trump’s remarks. The  comments of James Mattis, John Kelly or Nicky Haley in relation to the North Korea or other WW 3 crisis will only merit attention from me, at least as long as Trump is at his golf club.

I encourage US media to join me in “Putinzoning” Trump, that is, in placing a media cordon sanitaire around his “spontaneous” remarks at press conferences or on twitter.

This will force Trump to put out written statements, which can be edited and put into context, de escalating the situation.

Trump’s close confidante Alex Jones is  continuing with to have a very public nervous breakdown so we can imagine how trump himself is feeling and behaving.


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