This blogger is researching the next big Trump story: Which fed penitentiary will he be doing time in? Alcatraz? ADX Florence?

After trying to start WW3 by ad libbing from his golf club yet again, I predict Donald Trump is going to marched towards a stint in a federal penitentiary even faster than before as the probe in his Russia dealings and financial dealings accelerates.

Anticipating the next big story, I have started doing a little bit of research about the prisons which might be graced with the presence of Trump and his associates like Jared Kushner.

Personally, I think Alcatraz looks rather cool, spectacular sea views on all sides, a “Trump” tower style edifice, should suit The Don just fine.

There is also a similarly stylish maximum security prison in Colorado, known as the “Alcatraz of the Rockies.”

The ADX Florence is tantalisingly close to a golf club, which should provide exquisite torture to Trump’s hysterical nerves.

Oh, to gaze on to a golf club through bars, knowing you will never play again.,-109.5795064,6z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x871480ea58b4768f:0x81af4c7345d6439b!8m2!3d38.3616677!4d-105.0970846

Please don’t think I feel anything but pity for The Don for nearly eviscerating us all in nuclear WW3. To show, I am sincere I am going to keep my eye out here in Laria for stripped T shirts and pants to send to him so he has a change of clothes from regulation orange prison suits.

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