A template to help the Pentagon help solve the huge national security and credibility crisis my case presents as I post my latest mirror selfie to prove I am still alive

selfie today

Now I think I have identified what is crippling the Pentagon, namely there is no form, procedure or field manual to deal with the novel, complex real world problem my case presents, I am going to help the Generals by supplying a template for working through the process of how to deal with the very real problem they have on their hands every time I have to post up a selfie to prove to people I am still alive  because my situation is so dangerous.

The template will also help them how to deal with what will become a gigantic problem if I am killed.

I suspect the new and complex problem my situation presents is paradigmatic of the kind of more complex, innovative problems they are going to be increasingly facing in the future.

Added to the complex mix, is a time constraint. This is not something that can be dealt with in a week or a month. This is a real world, urgent crisis.

So, they can start practising right now at winning.

First off, a real world measure of success is easy to identify.

It will be

when I stop posting selfies for fear of being killed every day
when I say I feel safe and well
when I publicly thank the agencies that helped me and describe how they did
when people see a picture of me genuinely smiling and can read my books in the future

A real world measure of success is easy to identify.

It will be

when I post mirror selfies to prove I am alive underlining how dangerous my situation is and how I have received no help
when I stop posting selfies altogether because I have been killed 
when the public says they let her be killed.

Success will not be showing a pile of forms with ticked boxes to oversight, okay?

1. First off, take time to sit down together and iscuss whether my situation is a national security problem or not

Grounds someone like Kristjen Nielsen might bring up things like

it’s not our problem, because she is not an American citizen

objection. I am not an American citizen but I blog about false flag epidemics that impact on the USA and the rest of the world. Therefore, I can be considered a national security and international security problem

not our problem because there is no form to deal with it and we only deal with problems that have a pre printed form

not our problem because there is no field manual to deal with it and we only deal with problems that have a field manual

not our problem because she is in Europe and Europe should deal with it

not our problem because then we have to address the whole threat of biological warfare and our failures up to now that forced us to go to her blog

Arguments for considering it a national security issue

if I am killed, it will be a massive blow to the credibility of the Pentagon and FBI, underlining they can t deal with new kinds of real world problems, and this will embolden hostile powers.

It will act as a discentive to anyone spreading information about new threats in new scientific fields.
Everyone will see, it does not matter how brilliant you are, how useful, the Pentagon and FBI will take your work and let you be killed.

There will be a gap in information filled by this blog about a massive threat that the USA cannot deal with otherwise it would not have to come to this blog.

This will embolden more epidemic false flags and other forms of biological warfare.

Consider issues such as

the Russians, Soros etc consider my blog a reliable source of information on biological warfare and on the Globalist plan to depopulate the world with vaccines since it is a fact they came to interview me on that topic in June 2016
the Russians, Kissinger etc have placed their assets in the White House so they are operating successfully in the world in the sense that they are achieving their political goals
the Russians know that the Pentagon and FBI had to come to my blog in 2014 to stop the Ebola false flag
the Russians know the FBI, and Pentagon, cannot recognize or deal with new or unconventional threats
the Russians know the Pentagon and FBI know about the danger I am in
most likely I am under surveillance 24 hours a day, but surveillance is not physical security
the Russians, Chinese, the entire military, intelligence  agencies of the world know the Pentagon and the FBI are doing nothing to protect me otherwise I would not have to post up selfies every day to prove I am alive and buy time to send evidence to Austria

2. Move from the discussion phase to planning phase

Once the discussion phase is over, the Pentagon will have to have admitted they have a gigantic real world problem unfolding in real time before their eyes every time I post a selfie and credibly say my life is in danger, they will have to plan a course of action.

Set the goals

What does the Pentagon want to get from keeping me alive?
There might be a number of goals
credibility by showing they are taking ownership finally of their problems since I should not have had to blog about their Ebola breaches in 2014 in the first place if they had been doing their job
credibility by showing that recognize new kinds and problems even if they are not in a text book 100 years old
information about how the NWO and Russians operate, how covert biological warfare oprates, how the media operates
information about how to approach the work of analyzing information on new developments in science and the world from the point of view of national security

What problems will it have if I stay alive?

If will have the big problem of having to admit they had to rely on my blog in 2014 to stop Ebola spreading and they have failed to address this issue.
But its credibility is already gone precisely because it refuses to address its failures. So by showing it is continuing down this path, it will embolden hostile powers even more to develop asymmetrical, uncoventional, complex forms of attacks.

3. Let’s suppose the Pentagon has defined the sensible goal of keeping me alive as national security interest, then it has to determine its approach

Does it want me to just go somewhere safe and continue with my life and write my books?

In which case, it can force the Greek government to settle with me out of court.

Or does it want to use my court case to put people like George Soros and Alexis Tsipras on trial?

If so, where do they want the trial to be?

Greece? Or the USA?
How will they cope with the corruption in Greece?
How can they get the trial transferred to US jurisdiction? Crimes plotted against America and carried out against America in 2014.

What do they want from the trial?
A example warning organized crime from around the world that attempts to wipe out the US population will not be tolerated?
A warning to US politicians not to become tools of international organized crime?
Information about how organized crime operates in the 21st century to circulate in the IC and military, media and population?
A public inquiry into what went wrong to fix the system and better prepare the USA to deal with unconvential threats?

The problem here is the role of Americans like Obama in the Ebola false flag in 2014.

But I think the Americans are already aware that there is something seriously corrupt about their government and has been for a long time. I suspect they will not be that shocked at all, rather relieved that the deep seated, dangerous corruption is finally being dealt with.

4. Once the Pentagon has determined its goals, it can consider its methods for keeping me safe.

It can

put pressure on the Austrians to ensure I get speedy and sufficient help from the military attache in Athens and  government to deal with the dangers I am in, bearing in mind the NWO has already put in their new man as Consulate to block help to me.

put pressure on the American embassy to ensure I get speedy and sufficient help from the military attache and  government to deal with the dangers I am in, bearing in mind the NWO has already put in their Geoffrey Pyatt as head to influence by case.

Help means a concrete catalogue of measures such as
police protection,  a safe space in the nearby NATO base, legal advice on the ground, contingency planning for cases like what to do if I am shot in the middle of the street, what hospital to bring me to if I am still alive given the corruption of Greek hospital, what to do if Greek police try to seize me with an invalid arrest warrant.

Help does not mean getting on the phone to someone in an office somewhere in Greece and telling them to keep an eye on me or threatening them with consequences if something happens to me. It is blindingly obvious, no one takes American threats that seriously.

Help does not mean keeping me under 24 hour surveillance. Survelliance is not physical security.

Finally, the Pentagon has to plan for what to do if I am killed.
Will they issue a statement or not?
If they do not issue a statement, the entire world will know the Pentagon is in denial about massive threats and this will embolden hostile powers.
If they do issue a statement, people will ask why nothing was done to help me, and this inaction will embolden hostile powers.

Anyway, I hope I have helped the Generals think through a new and complex problem, paradigmatic of the kind they are going to be facing the future.

I suggest they sit down this evening to deal with this real world, gigantic problem they have on their hands because it will not go away and is getting very urgent.

By morning, they should have a concrete course of action and soon after some boots on the ground in the form of police or military attaches speaking a language I can speak to discuss my case, my security issues and a way forward.

My situation is not a game, theatre or a mock exercise as all the evidence shows and the world’s Intelligence and military monitoring this blog know, including the Pentagon and FBI.

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