My bank account…

The Pentagon can also send some money. But not just them, so call the other military and agencies who have benefitted from my dangerous and difficult work.

I have not been doing the job of a journalist in the free press. I have been doing their job in an environment of extreme danger. I was forced to cover the area of biological warfare because of their repeated failures to address this national security threats. On top of all the unpaid work I have done over years, I have extra legal bills connected with the murder attempts made against me and corruption.

My problem is not of a regular case moving slowly through a dysfunctional court system in Greece. My case is an open and shut, black and white case of criminal corruption by police and prosecutors at the highest level of the Supreme Court to suppress reports, invent fake people, lie about witnesses in a murder case precisely on account of my Ebola reporting in 2014 and to set me up for false arrest with spurious charges etc etc etc as all my documents prove.

The Russians and the whole world knows this. The reason the Russians did not pay me for my TV interview in Larisa in 2016 was because they don’t want this blog to go on.

Now the jig is up. The Pentagon cannot continue to ignore all their failures without having a yet bigger failure on their hands.

My account details are

Name Jane Buergermeister 
Please note the extra e in Buer, e for the umlaut.
Deutsche Bank
Konto Nr 105644900
BLZ 10070024
IBAN DE 79 1007 0024 0105 6449 00

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