Pentagon’s problem identified and its called the Kristjen Nielsen syndrome

Scandalous footage has emerged of British tourists being turned away from US flights airlifting Americans out of a Caribbean island even though there were extra places.

Across the board the Pentagon is behaving like one of their two ships whose computer systems seem to have been hacked to make them unable to turn, meaning they collided with freighters.

It’s as if some virus or malevolent “power” has hacked into the brain of the Pentagon, making it unable to deal with real world problems in an effective and timely fashion.

I suggest the problem could be dubbed the Kirstjen Nielsen or drill sergeant syndrome after it emerged that John Kelly’s deputy chief at the White House is almost exclusivel focussed on the minutiae of procedures to the detriment of real world results.

Nielsen cancels whole meetings if one aide is late, in effect crippling parts of the White House administration. Paralizing the operatons instead of focussing on an end goal, result or success is the last thing the White House needs .

The White House like the Pentagon has, if anything, to accelerate its efforts to get substantial, real world results as it faces new threats at an unprecedented pace. Cancelling a meeting because one person does not turn up borders on mental illness. In fact, Nielsen is being compared to crazy Nurse Ratched.

A manical focus on time, procedures, numbers, is comforting to people suffering from anxiety syndromes like obsessive compulsive disorder.

Watching aides march in at exactly the time they dictate like a drill sergeant might be reassuring. Breaking up a meeting if one is not there might given them a thrill of power to allay their anxiety for a few minutes.

Ending a meeting with John Kelly after an exact time period might give a comforting sense that things are under control and getting done when in reality nothing substantial is getting done to uncover and find solutions to pressing, messy real world problems.

And when aides don t feel comfortable talking freely about problems or talking to each other at all, those problems don’t get aired or dealt with.

The Pentagon general in charge of the operation to airlift US citizens from the Caribbean island was also clearly suffering from the Nielsen symdrome.

Instead of sitting down and discussing all the aspects of the real world problem of airlifting US citizens off an island where there were citizens of allied countries as well, in the middle of intense world publicity, and figuring out what to do with extra places or whether indeed to airlift all other nationals of allied countries out as a gesture of solidarity, the general obviously had an attack of the Nielsen syndrome.

His mind went blank, his hand reached for an order form and he filled in the mission in three sentences and sent down the chain.

No preparation was made to deal with the public relations disaster that ensued. After all, the world ends at the Pentagon parking lot, right? The Russians only took over the White House because of this very attitude but there still does not seem to be some instruction to the Pentagon to take into account the rest of the world in its planning.

It’s not just the Pentagon but all the way down the chain of command that this brain no longer functions.

The commander of the air force sent to collect the US citizens clearly just went through a check list of tasks for a military operation like a robot.

1. Ascertain how many US and Dutch people are to be airlifted
2. Supply passenger transport aircraft to cover that amount
3. Arrange for vehicle transport aircraft to transport jeeps to collect target
4. Obtain permission to land from local airport and take off in two hours
5. Fall asleep

At that level of the hierarchy at the very least, the issue of extra places must have emerged, and whether and how to fill them. Two minutes thought shows only positives to filling the extra places. It costs no money since the planes are going anyway. Once the plane touches down with the foreign nationals, their embassies can take charge of them. It’s a huge publicity triumph when British, Spanish newspapers show pictures of smiling, relieved families, tourists getting off American planes.
Security risks can be minimised.
But the commander was asleep at the wheel.

Finally, the soldiers on the ground are also suffering from the Kirsten Nielsen syndrome. Video emerges of them actually penning in British tourists behind a metal barrier to stop them going to a plane with extra places.

Braindead, they stand there unable to explain why they cannot fill the extra places. They claim to understand the tourists problem but have no help to offer, not even leaving behind a few extra bottles of water for them.

This is just a small operation. But let’s imagine this mindset has taken over all aspects of Pentagon planning and the US miliary hierarchy. We can then better understand new problems like the hacking of the computer systems of US warships. If an army doesn’t have the brain to plan for hacking of a new sophisticated systems, or the resources to deal with hacking, it shouldn’t upgrade a ship’s computer system and expose it to more cyberattacks.

It’s as if, as I say, some hostile power has hijacked its brain and knocked out the function where thinking occurs and replaced it with a Nielsen compuslive obsessive or John Kelly Marine drill sergeant gene focussed on following procedures only.

The Pentagon and White House has to recognize the last type of person it needs are Nielsens. It needs to recruit people who can think and who are not afraid about thinking about the world like Ph graduates, academics, creative writers, filmers etc. It needs people who can conceptualize, name and analyze new developments, conceive of plans, and implement them.

It doesn’t matter if they are late for a meeting. What matters is they make progress in real world political, economic, security issues. It doesn’t matter if they talk to John Kelly for ten minutes more. What matters is that John Kelly makes progress in understanding real world political, economic and security issues.

Since the Pentagon and White House can’t recruit this new wave tomorrow, they could at least start to try to develop the staff they have.

They could send Nielsen, for example, on a course to develop her from a manager focussed on procedures to one focussed on real world results. She can be taught to formulate real world goals and the many tools to achieve these including, planning, discussion. It can be hammered into her that ticking off boxes on pre printed forms is not success.

Someone like Nielsen might need therapy as she comes to grips with the emotional turmoil of realizing she is not all powerful, the world is chaotic and dangerous, and she is a OCD, third rate thinker promoted by the NWO precisely because she is so limited and ineffective. But she can be encouraged to take the step into the unknown and be supported in her development into a leader and not a follower, an inspirer and not a drill sergeant, a innovative thinker and not a robot, a proactive shaper and not a pen pusher.

Nielsen can be patient zero for a paradigm shift in the Pentagon.

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