selfie 3My mirror selfie today.


No mirror selfie ever single day and you can sure I have been killed by the above.

My blog could be taken over. But it will not be me writing it. Look out for any changes in my distinctive style because who knows? They might start to photoshop mirror selfies?

It’s clear that Alexis Tsipras still thinks he can kill me here in the middle of Larisa and get away with it now that he has got his pal Sebastian Kurz to install a corrupt NWO consul in the Austrian embassy.

They obviously still think they can he can get away with it as the Pentagon and FBI faces a national security and credibility crisis barrelling towards them with the force of Hurricane Irma if he succeeds.They reckon that the Pentagon, FBI, Senate etc will do nothing if I am killed.

That is not a signal the Pentagon should send to the entire world.

The message is. It’s not necessary to go to war with America. They are so corrupt, it is much easier to destroy them from within.

Anyone can fund one of the many expanding fields of science, kill the person who informs the Pentagon and FBI about the dangers and protects America, in front of their very eyes, and turn the system against America.

Believe me, the message has been heard around the world.
If I am killed, there is going to be trouble for the USA, okay?

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