Abandoned Brit’s father lashes out at Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson, eugenicist Globalist and Bullingdon Bully, would much rather see Brits like Amy Brown and her Dad taking risky epidemic vaccines than having to bother to rescue them from devastated islands in my humble opinion. 

From The Telegraph

The father of a woman who was stuck on the British Virgin Islands after being refused permission to leave on a rescue plane has hit out at Boris Johnson and the Foreign Office’s response to stranded Britons, reports Helena Horton.

Amy Brown, who is trapped in a resort on one of the islands, has spoken of the terrifying and out-of-control looting and crime happening around her – and of her anger that she was not evacuated.

Mr Johnson was forced to respond to her father, Geoffrey Scott Baker, who accused him and the Foreign Office of “callous disregard” and described the response as “pitiful”.

Mr Scott Baker told the Radio 4 Today programme this morning: “It appears every country can airlift its citizens out apart from the United Kingdom, which is doing nothing on the ground.”

Mr Johnson said the UK had responded in a “timely and a highly organised fashion”, with further promises of support expected on top of the £32 million already committed and the pledge to match donations to the Red Cross appeal.


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