Poetic justice as Irma destroys Globalist Richard Branson’s island residence

Man proposes and God disposes.

Globalist Richard Branson must have thought he had it made with his palatial residence paid for my ripping off the Brits. How safe it must have seemed, how pleasantly removed from the problems of the UK and the rest of the world he has helped create.

Never in a million years did he ever likely imagine that a hurricane like Irma would hit it, and he would climb out of his wine cellar to view total desolation.

Irma has broken all records. It damaged 95% of the buildings in nearby Barbuda.


It has also moved off its predicted course in Florida as it weakened to a category 1 storm. Power lines have been cut. There are floods surges that could reach fifteen feet. But Florida seems to have largely been spared the kind of apocalyptic destruction of Neckar island.

Branson has shared images of himself standing in a red shirt in his island retreat “completely and utterly devastated”.


Man proposes but God disposes.

When a person like Branson accumulates wealth by capital cronyism, obtaining parts of the national railway system for a song, then wringing every penny out of his franchise by running down the stock and raising the prices through the roof, then God has not overlooked it.

With ease, he creates a Hurricane 5 storm to flatten Branson’s delusions of control and unaccountability.

It s not fair that an unscrupulous person like Branson lives like a feudal lord while decent people like the heroic bus driver Oliver Salbris who saved a woman’s life have to slave away at a hard job for long hours to put food on the table for his family.


God will level out that unfairness out in the end.

Be interesting to see if Branson gets the message, and changes his priorities before he has to account to God finally for all his actions.

He is calling for assistance for the devastated people in the British Virgin Island. But will he make assisting them himself his priority or rebuilding his residence?

Alexis Tsipras can brace himself for what God has in store for eugenicist Globalists who try to kill honest journalists like me. It’s going to make Hurricane Irma look like the tickle of a feather.

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