Tsipras’ hilarious spelling mistake that got him caught, half the Greek media now makes it. Flattering to me that he copies every mistake I make. This blog has new NWO scalp, exposed Sebastian Kurz

Continuing to try to submit evidence to the Austrians directly. Am bypassing the corrupt new NWO consul Christoph Reitinger  placed in the Athens embassy by Sebastian Kurz to help Tsipras kill me here in cold blood.

Screenshots again of the way Alexis Tsipras introduced the letter n into his spelling of the surname Faymann. He replicated exactly my mistake of adding the n between a y and m but in Greek letters, making his copying of my blog even clearer.

Tsipras 2

FTsipras 5

Further proof is that Tsipras spelled Faymann correctly before his meeting with him in Vienna in February 2015. Afterwards, he reintroduced exactly the same spelling mistake in his tweets and presumably in his press releases.

Tsipras 1

Tsipras 3



Meanwhile, about half of the Greek media copy his, or rather my, misspelling. It’s actually funny. It’s flattering to know I have such a big impact.

It flattering to know much respect Tsipras and Faymann hold me in. Tsipras was obviously so impressed by what Faymann told him that, he immediately thought my totally whacky incorrect spelling (German is not my mother language) is correct and started to use it.

It was a one in a billion chance that I would look at this twitter feed that day and catch him. That was God leading me by chance to it, working his magic to help me.

God helps all of us if we try to do the right thing.

Now, I can claim another Globalist scalp. This blog has drawn Sebastien Kurz out of cover.  To help out his pals Tsipras and Soros, he sent a Kiev attache implicated in corruption to Athens, who brazenly lied to me.

The freemason, paedophile, eugenicist Globalists are always especially careful to keep their cover. It seems like the paedophile Globalists are the most deceitful, vile and evil.  So, I am very proud of my record in rolling them out. Identifying Kurz is especially important as he has claimed the right to put his people or Soros people into key positions if he is elected the next Chancellor.

Meanwhile, the Greeks have woken up to the fact that Tsipras has been installed by the Rothschilds and Soros to wipe them all out and Tsipras knows it and that he is in big trouble here. In his deluded mind, he and his new crooked, legal advisor Vasiliki Thanou seem to think killing me will end the story. No, it wll turn from attempted murder to actual murder, and they will be finished. Tsipras has pulled in too many police and prosecutors into the effort to silence me. There are too many witnesses in their ranks about the chain of command all the way to Thanou. Recognizing he is their number one most lethal threat, the Greeks will unite to get rid of Tsipras and deal with the likes of Thanou.

There is no way out for Tsipras. Once he committed himself to the evil eugenicist Globalist plan, he committed himself to doom. I get he thought he could keep it secret, but it’s all out in the open now. With transparency comes accountability.

Let me tell Tsipras, Soros and Kurz plainly, touch me and you are finished once and for all, understood? You won’t know what hit you.

You have miscalculated yet again by getting Kurz to send Reitinger here to block help for me here in Greece. The move has backfired again in as far as the Austrians have found out who Kurz really answers to (namely the Faymann, Proell, Haupl eugenicist Globalists) and will take steps to neutralize his power.

Final warning to Tsipras, Soros and the Rothschilds.

Settle out of court with me immediately or you will be swept into hell itself by the repercussions of my murder or seizure.

You have arrogantly ignored all my warnings before. And look at the way you have gotten tangled up in your own net.

Don t ignore my final warning to you. Touch me and you will be uprooted, cut down and thrown into the fire once and for all by God.

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