Jason and the Argonauts, strategies for AI robot wars. A project by me the Pentagon can fund and so help me pay all my legal bills. Righting an unfair situation?

Donald Trump’s aids are struggling to pay the mounting legal costs in the Russia probe, and saying Trump has a moral obligation to foot the bills.

I would also like to suggest to those institutions that benefit from the information on this blog, that they also have a moral obligation and a very real practical interest in helping me pay the legal costs of this case, a clear cut murder attempt in April 2015 on account of my Ebola posts, dragging on dangerously for two and half years because of the corruption of Greek police, prosecutors and judges working for Tsipras.

Larisa judge Dimitrios Vasilopoulos even dared to reject all my evidence of significant harm and order the return to me 96,000 euros in proven bank transfers I made to Theodekti under pressure in 2014 in a civil case I started to circumvent the corruption in my criminal case.

The Pentagon could, for example, send me some funds under a budget item like ” “approaches to integrating Greek myths war strategies into modern warfare.”

Now this latter project could be of surprising interest to the Pentagon.

Let’s consider how the example of Jason and the Argonauts could help develop a strategy in the AI robot war.

Take this scenario. A country like say China militarizes and upscales its gigantic dinosaurs, currently used for entertainment purposes, and equips them with  armour and weapon systems such as rockets to fire down helicopters.

Fast and agile, they can dodge bombs. They are covered in armour and impossible to damage using rifles, grenades etc

I was chatting to an engineer in Larisa, who told me he had been spent two years in China  working on dinosaurs as tall as a building for a circus show.


It imports these into the USA split in many different parts and over time so that customs does not recognize the significance.

At a certain time, it retools a factory over the weekend to assemble the gigantic dinosaur army overnight. It unleashes them on an unprepared national guard and US army and takes over say, Fort Bragg,  to refuel and to use as a staging base for more foreign troops.

How could such a fast moving AI robot army be stopped by helos and troops, who are outgunned etc.

Flashback to Jason and the Argonauts. Confronted with an army of skeletons that grew out of seeds, Jason was soon hopelessly outnumbered. Medea, however, had the idea of getting the skeletons to fight among themselves. The strategy worked and Jason escaped.

Application for today might be to hack the AI robots to get them to destroy each other.

It might require selected soldiers in every division to start learn hacking skills or for hackers to be assigned to divisions to help implement cyberwarfare effectively on the ground.

This project would have as an end product a slim and simply written book with lots of illustrations and questions and assignments to get soldiers interested in exploring unconventional approaches to novel problems.

The Pentagon can commission this little project and help me with my real world legal bills by sending a sum to my Deutsche Bank account or email me to discuss details.


From The Washington Examiner

“This can add up to hundreds of thousands of dollars for people, and that’s where destroying people comes in,” Caputo said.

Another former campaign hand said Trump “has hung us out to dry” by leaving associates to drown in their attorneys’ fees.

“Multibillionaire Donald Trump has a moral obligation to pay the mounting legal bills of his advisers who are facing four-, five- and six-figure costs just for doing their jobs,” said a former Trump adviser who had to pay thousands of dollars of his own money for legal representation.

“After all, the reason Trump advisers have any legal bills at all is because Trump and key spokespersons like Hope Hicks and Kellyanne Conway repeatedly misled the public over Russia contacts, no matter how benign,” the former adviser told the Washington Examiner. “Such lies gave congressional and federal investigators, let alone the media, probable cause to destroy our lives at will. Some reward for loyal service to President Trump.


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