NWO Austrian president also called to Trump meeting in DC, Sebastian Kurz to accompany him to USA

Another major player in the NWO in Austria has been invited to Washington DC.


Alexander van der Bellen was elected president after the result was flipped, also with the help of Alexis Tsipras in Greece. Tsipras must have known (perhaps through his friend Faynmann) about the plan to switch over the real results within the first ten minutes of their announcement on December 4th because my blog was hacked and I was persistently blocked from posting a link to a live ticker just at that time.

Sebastian Kurz  will go with Van der Bellen to a meeting at the UN. Over summer, Kurz moved a new Consul to Athens who was implicated in a corruption affair in Kiev to crush help for me from Austria.

Kurz and Wolfgang Sobotka, the NWO Interior Minister, who organized the theft of the election for open borders candidate Van der Bellen, have been criticised for allowing the radical Muslim Brothers to expand in Austria.



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