Trump or Hillary. Who is worse?

Donald Trump  has retweeted a GIF that shows him swinging a golf club and hitting Hillary. His tweet is in such bad taste that, in the middle of new threats by North Korean dictator to blow the world up with nuclear bombs, radical Muslim attacks in London and Paris, and other travails, I have interrupted my submission to the Austrian Fo Min to wonder who of those two is worse. Really. Which of that pair is worse? Crooked cash for favours Hillary? Or crooked cash for favours Trumpski?

Trump’s GIF image splices together footage of him taking a swing on a golf course with footage of Clinton falling as she boards an air plane. The footage is edited and altered to make it appear as though Clinton is hit in the back with golf ball streaking by as a white blurr to make her trip and fall over as she enters the interior of the plane.

First off, I think most of us will agree that hitting anyone in the back is an act of cowardice, even if it is a very vile Hillary. But it seems, it is precisely this kind of cowardly act that pyschos like Trump, who dodged military service in Vietnam, as well as twisted souls such as Hillary, who stood down the security at Benghazi to allow the US ambassador to be killed, revel in. They even celebrate their vile, cowardly acts in GIFs.

Second, only a thug can think that a six foot three male hitting a small, and slight woman, even evil Hillary, in the back with a golf ball is in anyway cool.

Then again, petite Hillary has admitted in her book that she wanted to put sly pins in voodoo dolls of critics with legitimate concerns about her private email server.

Third, Trump should not misuse the benign game of golf for personal political vendettas.

Then again, petty Hillary should not dump on benign Chardonnay wine for not soothing her for the fact that her ambitions outmatched her ability and so many Americans loathe her for a reason.

Fourth, Trump should show economy. Hillary is down and out. No more attacks against her are needed.

Then again, Trump is also down and out for allowing himself to be a tool of the Kissinger, Putin, Goldman Sachs and Exxon flank of the NWO. That is why I should show economy, too, and not waste time on him or his stupid GIFS.

Fifth and perhaps most damningly for golf fans, Trump’s golf swing lacks grace. It is not amazing, though it is certainly better than the stiff and pathetic golf of Obama. Sorry, but an “amazing” golf swing should follow a perfect arc as the left knee bends and the upper body swivels in perfect coordination. The ball should be struck with the appearance of effortless ease while Trump looks like a terrier dog aggressively attacking it. A ball should be hit at the perfect angle with maximum power to send it in the exact direction desired. Not even his blue jacket can hide Trump’s lack of grace and confidence. He looks like a terrier with a long stick. After whacking the ball as hard as he can, he looks what the effect is with a narrow, petty focus.

Am not a golfer myself. But my mother did win a medal at her university in Ireland for golf. Her follow up shots, chips and putts etc, were not so good. But her swing made up for it. It was so superb, people would catch their breadth. And she was a superb person in the way, I too, am, frankly, a little bit superb. I angle my swings at the NWO with superb precision and power on this blog if you look at my record over ten years. In all truth, I have probably hit more hole in one shots against the NWO than any other blog, which is why the likes of George Soros and Alexis Tsipras follow it so closely and copy it out of respect for me. Unfortunately, I don’t get a medal but life threatening pushback from that pair of pyschos for my skill.

Get into the flow, Don. Get into the flow of goodness, kindness, of care for others. Get into the flow of intuition, into the flow which carries golf and the universe, and in a positive direction. Golf is not about Me, Me, Me, aggression and control. Golf is about letting go and letting intuition flow. Get into the flow, Hillary. Stop blaming the whole world for your loss. Stop blaming Chardonnay for not soothing you. Start taking responsibility for your low level of development.  Start believing you too were made in the image of God and can do better. Stop whinging and put in the hard work to take yourself to the next level of awareness or golf.

Dear readers, let’s all make an effort to get into a better flow, tune in to a higher energy. If we continue to allow leaders like The Don and Hillary, like Vlad the Cad and Tsipras the thug, to pull us down, then we, humanity, are finished. The threats we face are increasing exponentially due to technological advances.  To handle technological advances, we must develop a new mindset of responsibility and awareness.

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