Trump shakes his wife’s hand and ushers off stage in bizarre interaction, later to be followed by sick tweet about hitting Hillary with golf ball

Just what is the matter with Trump and with Hillary? Are our current leaders all basket cases?

Melania seems the most normal of the Trump clan. And Trump treats her like some kind of alien.

From The Daily Mail

After delivering some rare remarks at a US Air Force event on Friday, First Lady Melania Trump proudly introduced her husband to the stage, no doubt hoping for a congratulatory kiss on the cheek.
Instead, she was confronted with an awkward and stern handshake from the President who told her ‘thank you’ before ushering her off to the side, muttering: ‘You go and sit down now.’
Their interaction, deemed ‘bizarre’ for a husband and wife by some, took place at Joint Base Andrews on Friday afternoon.

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