Soros puppet Sebastian Kurz planned power grab a year ago, needs to be put in a No go zone like Trump if he wins election and becomes Austrian Chancellor

Sebastian Kurz, the Austrian Foreign Minister who sent an attache implicated in a Kiev corruption scandal to be the new Consul in the embassy in Athens over the summer to crush help in my dangerous situation, planned his power grab carefully, according to new documents which have allegedly come from his inner circle.

His cynical approach seems to be to ride on the dissatisfaction of voters to get into a position of power as Chancellor to fill key posts with Globalists.

He was helped by Wolfgang Sobotka, the Interior Minister, who helped Alexander van der Bellen steal the presidential election in December. See my post below.

Watch a new propaganda film by the ambitious globalist who grew up in a very poor part of Vienna, Meidling.

The Austrians can use the same tactic as the Americans are using with Trump. Put a cordon sanitaire around Kurz if he does become Chancellor and make sure he has no power to appoint people, do secret deals or make policy.

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