CIA whistleblower spotlights Globalist systems of information control inside the US Deep State. Classification systems, punitive measures and media allow Globalists to cover up own crimes, and so repeat them

A CIA whistleblower, Kevin Shipp, shines the spotlight on the draconian rules for formally classifying secrets within the CIA, NSA and US intel community. He explores how this secrecy  allows the shadow government run by Globalists, who control the media, to manipulate the Deep State.

He says a system of personal destruction has been put in place to ruin any officials who reveal secrets or blow the whistle on wrong doing.

This system for keeping information secret and in tightly sealed compartments is certainly one of the factors paralyzing the US intel community and military in dealing with the eugenicist Globalists and their operatives within the US government and Deep State. Ten years after the first attempt to start a global bird flu epidemic by Baxter in Austria, the USA is still not equipped to deal with the threat. Meanwhile, the Russians, and no doubt a host of other countries, have identified these blind spots and may have made plans to exploit them.

A reform of the system to stop a repetition of this kind of assault on the USA by hostile states or the kind of international criminal organizations run by George Soros, Henry Kissinger require public inquiries and a radical change.

Public inquiries, in turn, require a reform of the counter productive state secrecy laws and classification systems. It also requires substantial protection for whistle blowers such as me.

The Globalist stranglehold on information, which took a leap forward with the establishment of the CIA outside the Constitution and control of Congress in 1948, has to be broken.

Information about their crimes has to flow freely again. The various intel agencies and military need to know what is really happening in the USA and in world. Otherwise, they won t be prepared. Information has to  lead to action.

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