In the crosshairs of George Soros. FT writer and Bilderberger Gideon Rachman defends James Bond villain like Billionaire now recognized as a global threat

My mirror selfie today to prove I have not been killed by my proven readers George Soros and Alexis Tsipras and other eugenicist Globalists, who do not like the way I have exposed their plans for global depopulation through vaccination etc.

selfie tues

Financial Times writer Gideon Rachman, who regularly attends Bilderberg, to further the agenda of a dictatorial world government, yesterday branded criticism of the Hungarian Nazi Collaborator and Billionaire as a ” global sickness” in a sure sign that Soros is in real trouble.

If loathing of Soros has become a global sickness, than Soros has no one to blame but himself.  This blog has documented the evidence of Soros’ involvement in orchestarting false flag Ebola outbreak in West Africa in 2014.

Largely through this blog the Pentagon and other military and intelligence agencies managed rapidly to patch up their biodefenses, stop the spread of Ebola in Europa and the USA, and thwart the need for a mass vaccine campaign with risky jabs.

They certainly did not find out about the systematic stand down of biosecurity rules from Rachman or the mainstream media, which largely controlled by Soros and his pals, the Rothschilds.

“For a new generation of nationalists — from the US to Russia and Hungary — Mr Soros has become the perfect villain,” Rachmann writes.

No, Gideon, for a new generation of intelligence and military officials, who have been decompartmentalized and been able to put the pieces of the puzzle together by following blogs like mine, Soros and the New World Order has been recognized as a global threat.

Gideon Rachmanna goes on to employ the failed strategy of dismissing very real concerns about Soros and his organized crime synidcate infiltrating government as a conspiracy theory. No doubt, he would also dismiss the stacks of court and police documents in my case proving a vast conspiracy to kill me on account of my Ebola posts involving Alexis Tsipras and corrupt Greek police and prosecutors as a conspiracy theory too. But facts are facts.

The paper trail in my case goes straight back to Soros in the form of unambiguous proof that he deliberately and systematically copied most of the words and even multi word phrases from my blog post in September 2016 about the need to close Europe’s borders.

3. Soros Tsipras

Soros in his article one day later advocated open borders. In a thoughtful acknowledgement of the financial burden of uncontrolled migration, Soros recommended Germany take on more debt, making it more vulnerable to speculators like him.

Soros’ problem is that this report was given same file number by Larisa state prosecutors as the April and July 2015 police reports my original murder attempt in April 2015 on account of my journalism activities, meaning the evidence he reads my blog, along with Alexis Tsipras, has to be considered in that context according to due process.

Soros and his fixer at the US embassy in Athens Geoffrey Pyatt are even implicated in the mysterious death of WHO spokesman Glenn Thomas, with whom I was in email contact in the spring of 2014, and who tried to prevent the declaration of an Ebola emergency in June 2014.

Within two weeks, Glenn Thomas was dead in an alleged plane crash in Soros’ fiefdom in the Ukraine, then ruled by Pyatt, and WHO went ahead with plans for mass foced vaccine campaigns across the globe, encompassing 7 billion people.

Anyway, another Soros puppet has emerged from the woodwork to send a diplomat implicated in Kiev corruption scandal to be the new consul in the Austrian embassy in Athens to crush help for me.

That means, Soros and the NWO still think they can eliminate me.

It’s time for the Pentagon and the other intelligence agencies to make it clear to them once and for all that they cannot.

It’s time for the Deep State to take out the shadow government created by the NWO organized crime network infiltrating government once and for all.


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