Tsipras to visit Mount Athos next week

Alexis Tsipras today announced a visit Mount Athos next week sparking an emergency meeting of the heads of the monasteries to plan his trip. During his one and a half day stay, he will meet with Patriarch Bartholomew.


Locals have very little respect for the Orthodox church and now I know why.

One married middle aged man with a child told me he had been warned not to go to Mount Athos because he might be raped by monks there.

A Time Magazine article from 1941 reported on the kidnapping of male chldren for the monks of Athos, which appealed to Adolf Hitler for special protection during WW2, and motorboats full of male prostitutes chugging constantly into the harbour.




Locals tell me Vatopedi monastery, implicated in defrauding the state of vast amounts of land, is known as Greece’s “best business school.”

My case highlights the extent to which the Greek Orthodox Church has become a harbour of organized crime, specifically Globalist organized crime and depopulation plans.

Mount Athos, in particular, seems to be a meeting for organized crime with Vladimir Putin visiting it in May 2016.

Since most of the Orthodox priests are government paid employees, Tsipras and his cronies enjoy considerable influence over them. Together with the media, in the hands of the government and oligarchs, their role seems to be to enforce an unthinking and unquestioning obedience to authority also in the schools, where the clergy have a big say.

Instead of spiritual development in the monasteries, the emphasis is on adhering to a system of rules, behind which every kind of wickedness and greed hides. Of course, there are some honourable exceptions. But they are far and few between.

Theodekti, who is under the control of the Bishop of Volos, have now been caught red handed in so many serious crimes (murder attempts, assault, bribery of lawyer, perjury, fraud etc) and cover ups that if they were in any other country, they would be in jail already and face dying there.

I hope that a reform of the Orthodox church becomes a part of the bailout review. I think education, culture, politics and ethical standards would likely rise if the influence of the corrupt Orthodox church were cut back.

I know the Greek Orthodox church likes to spread the fairytale that Greece and the Greek language only survived the 4000 year Turkish occupation because of the way the clergy said the mass in Greek. Every time it is criticized for its corruption, it brings up this obvious lie.

A historical comparison with Ireland makes it clear this is propaganda. In Ireland, the Gaelic language did not survive British colonial rule, except in the most remote areas, because Gaelic was forbidden. Gaelic was forbidden in schools, in government etc That is the reason why most Irish people today speak English and have to learn Gaelic at school. Unlike the Irish, the Greeks still speak Greek today as they have done throughout history. The simple reason why Greeks speak Greeks is because the Turkish overlords allowed them to continue to speak Greek while the British overlords stopped the Irish from speaking Irish. If the Turks had not allowed them to continue to speak and write Greek, the Greeks would not have understood the masses in Greek in the first place. The Irish, after a couple of generations of being punished for speaking Irish, did not understand the mass in Irish anymore.

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