Follow Live Tickers of Germany’s national election results, expected just after 6 pm local time

You can follow various live tickers and live streams to the German federal election results thi evening.

The first projection is expected shortly after the polls close at 6 pm local time.

I am busy preparing the evidence that my own blog was hacked and blocked on December 4th 2016 to prevent me from posting a link to a live ticker just before the first projections were announced.

Later, I saw a Euronews video strongly suggesting that the real result was the opposite and the figures were flipped over to Alexander Van der Bellen during a 20 minute or so time window.

The video shows the projection with 1517 of 2172 districts or 70% of the districts counted at 16 54 that evening.
Concerns have been expressed over how safe the computer software is from hacking even by the mainstream media.

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