More indications the Austrian Presidential election was stolen. Bizarre hacking of my blog points to Soros and Tsipras as likely culprits

The mystery of the Austrian presidential result in December 2016 deepens as more evidence emerges that the official result is a fraud.

A screenshot showing the Euronews video of the Ministery of Interior website at 17 01, just after polls closed. It shows a litlle over half the total votes had been counted at circa 2,350,000. The screengrab is not clear.

Screenshot (2043)

The total votes cast were 4,597,553 with a turnout of 74.2%.

Here is a screenshot showing Der Standard’s live ticker of the Austrian presidential result in May 2016, annulled because of voter fraud fears. It shows the first projections announced at 6 pm, one hour after polls closed unlike the December result announced at 17 09 or almost immediately after polls closed.

Screenshot (2054)

Der Standard shows that at 6 pm just over half the total votes of  4 279 170 votes cast had been counted to form the first projection in May 2016 ie about the same as in the Euronews video.

On that basis, the first projection gave a victory to Norbert Hofer, who later lost through postal votes.

The official line is that there was no voter fraud because the Euronews clip does not show the totals for the large cities which came in immediately after.

But how could the totals from those cities have been accurately made in the following eight minutes to give Alexander Van der Bellen the victory by 17 09?

Why was it possible in December 4th to “add” those tallies accurately by 17 09 pm when in May the total votes counted by 6 pm was still about the same as shown in the Euronews clip?

Bizarrely, my blog was hacked and I was blocked at 16 30 pm Vienna time from posting a live ticker to the election results on December 4 2016 just before the first projections were to be announced. My blog was only “freed” again on time to report the “official” result at 17 09.

Because this blocking and hacking followed exactly the same pattern as the blocking on November 16, 2016, by Simos Samaras, a front man for the crime syndicate of Alexis Tsipras and George Soros, and in the 30 day time period of a illegal temporary injunction hung on a few pots by judge Phonete Karanikola, it looks like the hacking on December 4th was done by the same group.

I am not saying this is conclusive evidence of hacking and election theft. But legitimate questions can be asked about how the result given by the BMI at 17 01 was so different from the one announced by state media ORF at 17 09 when about the same number of votes had, if the May election was anything to go by, been counted by that time?

I really think this is something that requires a thorough investigation to obtain the raw results data from the Ministry of Interior and ascertain just when did the totals for the cities come in. How could they have come in accurately just nine minutes after polls closed?

Also, what statistical method did the Ministry of Interior use to make its projections? We have to assume the results from 16 54 captured by Euronews at 17 01 are projections  given by the Int Min since the polls had not yet closed.

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