Jared Kushner used private email to conduct official business. In contact with Russian assets Flynn, Manafort and Pence?

Jared Kushner used a private email account to conduct official business as a senior White House advisor.


He set up the private email account in December 2016 to conduct off the radar communications with other White House officials.

Particularly interesting would be any emails Kushner sent off the radar to other Russian assets such as Mike Pence, Mike Flynn, Reince Priebus and Steve Bannon and also Paul Manafort.


Kushner, Flynn and Manafort played a key role in purging key members of the original team of competent patriots put together by Donald Trump and his three children, who would have made good on his election promises.


This trio installed a staff of sinister incompetents which proceeded to trainwreck Trump’s presidency until the Generals took over and fired Priebus and co. The Generals seem to have the Trump agenda back on track.

In as far Trump and his three children also seem to have been  bushwacked by the coup launched by Flynn, Kushner and Manafort and co, apparently on the orders of Vladimir Putin and Deripaska, in my view they are not guilty of Russian collusion in the real sense of the term. Even Don Trump Jnr’s meeting in June of last year appears in a different light if he genuinely was trying to assess Hillary’s criminality to put Trump in power to make America prosperous and secure again.

The spotlight needs to be put on the trainwreckers Flynn, Kushner, Manafort and co to find out who was giving them instructions, especially in relation to the purge of personnel on November 9th.

Manafort offered to give a Russian oligarch linked to the Kremlin and to Nat Rothschild private breifungs about Donald Trump’s election campaign, it has emerged.


The Rothschild family is where the two halves of the warring factions of the New World Order eugenicists meet. Alexis Tsipras, an asset of George Soros, visited the Rothschilds in secrecy in Paris last year.

He also visited Corfu at Easter, the Greek island where the Rothschilds have a villa. It is not clear if Tsipras visited the villa or met in secret with the Rothschilds during his visit. At any rate, Tsipras is a eugenicist Globalist asset working for Soros and for Putin.

It was at this villa that Nat Rothschild, George Osborne and Oleg Deripaska had a falling out that became very public.


More on Manafort’s relationship with Deripaska in the New Yorker.

You don’t have to be Louise Mensch, the much-mocked amateur sleuth and Russia-conspiracy theorist, to wonder why, after years of working closely with pro-Russia parties in the Ukraine and a Russian oligarch, Paul Manafort suddenly reëmerged in American politics as the head of the Presidential campaign that Vladimir Putin wanted to win. One theory, which has been floating around for months, is that after Manafort fell out with Oleg Deripaska, the Russian oligarch who accused Manafort of essentially stealing millions of dollars from him, he seized on Trump’s rise as a way for currying favor with Deripaska and Putin, Deripaska’s close ally.
This always seemed a bit too John le Carré to believe, but on Wednesday the Washington Post reported the first morsels that give the theory some credence. “Less than two weeks before Donald Trump accepted the Republican presidential nomination, his campaign chairman offered to provide briefings on the race to a Russian billionaire closely aligned with the Kremlin,” the Post said. In another e-mail, according to the Post, Manafort seemed to suggest that he could leverage his new role running Trump’s campaign to settle old debts. “How do we use to get whole?” Manafort wrote to an employee based in Kiev, referring to his prominent new role in Trump’s campaign. The link between Manafort’s sketchy work in Ukraine and Russia, and his interest in running Trump’s campaign, became a lot stronger after the Post piece.



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