Tsipras to make sudden visit to Mount Athos on Wednesday

A Google translation of a report about Alexis Tsipras’ odd visit to Mount Athos on Wednesday below.

Make sure, Alexis, I get a good out of court settlement and very soon from those rogues parading as clergy.


My case underlines the way the Orthodox Church is the harbour for organized crime in Greece. Most of its Bishops are freemasons, many living illicitly with boy and or girl friends, according to credible local sources. Bishops have to be unmarried monks, according to the rules.

Against that background, it is not hard to understand the unusually close relationship NWO eugenicist Globalist Tsipras has with the Orthodox church, which is discussed in the article below.


 by Nikos Hassapopoulos


 No other prime minister had met so many times the head of the Greek Church as Mr Tsipras.  And they are not protocol meetings but substance meetings, sometimes accompanied and after meals (even in the days of fasting).  Let us not forget to maintain the good relations he has with the Church and with his galloping crew (who casts votes), he stalked one of his closest associates at the ministry of education, Nikos Filis.  He listened to the objections of the Church and personally to the Archbishop so that there would be no change (or abolition) of the religious lesson, and everything that pre-elected to separate Church-State remained as … illusions similar to those of the abolition of the memorandums of law and my article!

 On Wednesday, he is preparing to visit Mount Athos for the second time.  Though not announced the slightest (probably for security reasons or to not upset his relations with the Archbishop, or with a group of Mount Athos who oppose the visit, as well as his comrades in Koumoundourou) it was known that Mr. Tsipras sent a letter to the Holy Epistaphia announcing his intention to visit Mount Athos again.  Besides that, none.

 Here is a detail.  The prime ministerial letter was not sent to the Administration of Mount Athos (governor is Aristos Kashmiroğlu), but in the Holy Guard and received by the Prime Minister Gerovassios (“Saint Protos” – as they call it in Mount Athos), but neither confirms the visit of the Prime Minister , nor does it refute it.  Why is it so mysterious?

 However, information indicates that the Prime Minister will be on Mount Athos on Wednesday and will remain in the Holy Community for about 30 hours.  There will also be the Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew for the inauguration of the new wing of the Protatos that was completed this year.




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